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Unified Meeting X

Unified Meeting X (UMX) is the simplest, most secure, cost-effective and robust/high quality video conferencing platform on the market today. Flawless Meetings. Zero Downloads.


UMX meetings happen entirely in-browser, with no downloads or client installations. This means:

  • Meetings are easy to join for new and regular users alike
  • No updates or installations slowing down the join flow
  • Fewer security vulnerabilities.
  • Unlimited meetings, with up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited local and international teleconferencing
  • Join from any device, including web browser, SIP/H.323, telephone, and Microsoft teams; no room connectors required
  • Administration portal with call reporting and recordings access
  • Content sharing and collaboration tools
  • And much more!

Product Features 

A Secure and Private Meeting Platform

UMX was designed with your security and privacy in mind:

  • No matter how you use UMX - in-browser or with video room systems - there is nothing to download or install, and no additional hardware required.
  • The WebRTC technology that UMX is built on is inherent­ly encrypted, adding an additional layer of security.
  • None of your personal information is collected or stored.

Unlimited Recordings

Make unlimited recordings of video and/or audio calls:

  • Unlimited recording and storage;
  • Easy access via customer portal;
  • Available immediately to download or email to collaborators.

Unlimited Teleconferencing

Use the platform to host unlimited telecon­ference calls using toll-free or local dialing:

  • International and NA toll and toll-free numbers are included with license;
  • Use as an unlimited audio-only con­ferencing service

Technical Overview 

Key Features of UMX

  • Browser Access: Join Meeting using WebRTC (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox)
  • Endpoint Access: Join Meeting using SIP/H.323
  • Audio Access: Unlimited Local/Toll Free/International audio dial in access included
  • Scheduling: In portal scheduling tool and Outlook add-in and Gmail Scheduling options
  • Capacity: Host meetings with up to 100 participants
  • Content Sharing: Screen, browser tab, and application sharing
  • Recordings: Free and unlimited Recording
  • Call Controls: In-call host controls including mute, call security/meeting lock, participant management
  • Administration Portal: Manage all aspects of your deployment including the creation and removal of users, call detail reports, and access to our resource library


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