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DAS - WLAN Enterprise Solution

Many companies are struggling to keep their cellular signal strong throughout the entire building. This is especially true for buildings that are five stories or taller. Modern construction elements such as glass and solar protection will effectively block cellular signals making consistent communication a challenge.

Strong Organizations Need Strong Signals

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become the standard for companies that want to provide cell phone reception and emergency radio signals. A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a shared-infrastructure or neutral host model for expanding a wireless network footprint. When properly deployed, it adds coverage and capacity in hard to reach areas. This results in increased quality without the need for capital investment to build your network system or manage additional infrastructure.

WLAN Enterprise Solution

Turnkey Service

This is exactly where our DAS and WLAN enterprise solutions come in handy. Unlike other organizations, we are fully capable of designing, implementing and supporting these systems. We are not limited to any solution as we are capable of performing vendor agnostic tests.

With our proactive approach to design and implementation, we take the time to analyze your existing bandwidth and develop comprehensive heat maps with the help of AirMagnet Pro. This information is then used to create a layout based on the number of people you have and where they are located within the facility.

Custom Design-Build Solution

Armed with a clear picture of the problem we are trying to solve, we work with you to design a custom solution that meets your needs now with the capability of expanding as your business grows. Our skillful engineers will design and build a solution utilizing Aruba and Ruckus wireless systems.

With the world’s most powerful RF technology, Aruba WLANs deliver a predictable Wi-Fi experience in high-density mobile device environments. Personal mobile apps no longer adversely impact the performance of corporate mobile apps that are vital to your business.

Plus, the Aruba WLANs are BYOD-ready and use contextual data – user identity, device type, applications, and location – to enforce security and Quality of Service (QoS) policies. They can also be deployed with or without mobility controllers.

Heatmap Technology Indicates Coverage Gaps

If you already have a WLAN solution, we can provide a post-wifi inspection to indicate where coverage is lacking or interference is coming from neighboring companies.


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