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LG Electronics USA Commercial Displays serves customers in the lodging and hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets. 


Direct View LED Signage

  • Indoor Direct View LED Signage: LG’s indoor and outdoor Direct View LED Signage solutions are designed to create engaging viewing experiences. DVLED provides vivid colors & is perfect for airports, shopping malls, stadiums & billboards.
  • Outdoor Direct View LED Signage: LG has a full line-up of DVLED Displays for indoor use. You can select the right pixel pitch and brightness for your business, with the ability to curve your Direct View LED indoor displays. Make a statement with LG!
  • Outdoor Direct View LED Signage: Creating the right advertising is hard enough, so let LG take the worries out of selecting your outdoor DVLED display. With a wide range of models and case designs, LG’s outdoor applications include stadiums, large scale advertising and public displays.
  • Transparent Color LED Film: New LG Transparent Color LED Film gives virtually any glass or window surface a pop of color! This easy to use self adhesive film can be used on glass displays, glass walls & railings and virtually any other place there is glass in an indoor environment.


  • Transparent OLED: LG introduced Transparent OLED Displays to the US business market at Infocomm 2019. Watch our video to experience Transparent OLED! Transparent OLED allows your business to enhance & draw attention to products with stunning visuals. The Transparent OLED display is customizable & expandable. It can stand alone or you can create a transparent wall. It can be hung, put in a stand or mounted.
  • Open Frame Curvable OLED Display: LG’s curvable open frame OLEDs give your business the flexibility to create amazing digital displays. Supporting concave and convex curvatures in portrait and landscape orientations.

Digital Signage 

  • LED Backlit Displays: Content Mirroring among devices is more convenient on a Wi-Fi network, which doesn’t require you to be plugged into the devise. With Beacon and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), provide information in real time. Certain displays can operate as a virtual router which can be a wireless access point for mobile devices.
  • Digital Signage Media Players: Share your message quickly, easily and reliably with a Digital Media player from LG US Business. Featuring stable components in a simple to install package, LG DS media players put a world of options right at your fingertips.
  • Stretched Displays: Expand your business limits with an LG stretched monitor display. Now you can present information, advertisements and branding in a new way, shape and form with LG’s distinctively versatile stretched monitor.
  • Touch Screen Displays: Instantly interactive! Help people create a personal experience with your brand, and better remember your message.

Outdoor Displays  

  • Open Frame Displays: LG Outdoor Open Frame Displays are engineered from the ground up to provide superior performance, reliability, and the best visual image quality.
  • Window Facing LG MRI High Brightness, Visible with Polarized Sunglasses, Fan-less Design, Slim Design, High-Performance with webOS, Smart Brightness Control

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