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Density | Solutionz, Inc.

Streamline space planning, regulate operating expenses, and meet new workplace expectations with a single platform — all while saving an abundance in unnecessary real estate costs.


  • Density accurately and anonymously counts people in rooms and buildings, all around the world.
  • Real-time occupancy & foot traffic
  • Space utilization analytics
  • Conference room utilization & booking trends
  • Fire code capacity compliance
  • Entrance tailgating detection
  • Real-time data for mustering & emergency response

Product Features 

Entry Sensor

  • Coverage: Threshold based
  • Accuracy: 98%+
  • Depth Sensor utilizing Class 1 Eye Safe Infrared Lasers
Raw Data
  • Raw depth data captured by Density’s sensors—contains no personally identifiable information (PII).

Onboard Deep Learning

  • Density’s algorithms are trained to detect human movement and ignore
    all other objects.

Density Open Area
  • 1,325 square feet of coverage
  • 20 foot range, 40 foot effective diameter 
  • Twice the range and 4x the coverage of camera-based alternatives
  • 60% reduction in deployment costs, more flexible coverage, and better data.
  • Incapable of collecting or accessing personally identifiable data (PII).
  • Dynamic field of view configurable through a web app.

Technical Overview  


  • The Density software takes the combined data across all installed sensors and provides analytics at the space, floor, building, or portfolio level.
  • Access real-time and predictive data
  • Analytics and Report—in the Density Dashboard, mobile applications, and via API 


  • Density is future-proofed with a PoE entry-based and open area solution on a single platform. No need to manage a fleet of batteries, hidden costs, and risk losing valuable data.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Density requires fewer sensors and has 3x the coverage of camera-based alternatives. Density will also match the price of any vendor relative to the cost quoted to cover same sq ft.

Open Area

  • Clustered data points are used to count people and observe movement anonymously
  • Unaffected by sunlight or reflectivity
  • Historical occupant pathing and heatmaps
  • Desk and room availability (+ release)
  • Touchdowns and dwell time
  • Measure up to 20 desks (early Alpha)
  • American made


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