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MyCloud Student ID System

Designed for Education. Safeguarding Schools with Cloud-Based Innovation!

Student ID System Bundle

Upgrade Your Card Management  

Say goodbye to costly, inefficient systems that hinder school staff. MyCloud Student ID offers a secure, affordable cloud-based solution for student identification. Manage IDs hassle-free with our user-friendly online system without installing or updating software! Enjoy the freedom of effortless card management from any device, anywhere.

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We ❤ keeping students safe! 

With MyCloud Student ID, you completely control your student data, no matter where you are. Our ID badge printer line offers a range of features, including single and dual-sided printing, bar codes that link to lunch and library accounts, card lamination, holographic images, mag stripes, and smart card technology. With on-demand ID badge printing, you can rest easy knowing your students are always safe and secure.
ID Badge Printer

How it Works

Step 1

Schedule a consult.

Step 2

Get a custom quote for your school.

Step 3

We provide full installation & training.

Our local technicians provide ongoing training and support as needed.

In One Safe Place, Available Anywhere You Need It

Take control of your student data with ease! Our secure online software allows you to log in and effortlessly snap student photos using your webcam or digital camera. Our cloud-based system is mobile-friendly and seamlessly integrates with any student information system. From tracking class schedules and extracurricular activities to managing transportation routes and medical information,
Online Card Design
Data & Card Management
Print Management

Online Card Design

Unleash your creativity with CardOnline's effortless Online Card Designer! Our intuitive tool allows you to design a professional card layout tailored to your unique style and preferences.

The possibilities are endless, with an array of shapes, images, placeholders, dynamic text, and logos at your fingertips. Save multiple designs and set up templates to use again and again across different locations.

Data & Card Management

With MyCloud, managing cardholder data has never been easier! This efficient platform provides a comprehensive overview of all imported data, simplifying the process of managing and improving access for remote users.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks - with just a few clicks, you can reprint, block, and manage cards effortlessly.

Print Management

Revolutionize your printing process with the Card Print Manager - easily batch-print selected data records, directly encode them onto your cards and seamlessly support the printing process without any additional steps required in your production cycle.


Free eBook | 3 Things to Know Before Implementing Photo IDs on Campus


Remote Users

Online: Authorized Remote Users

Granting access to authorized remote users, our platform allows seamless management of ID card production by providing necessary information and resources.

Card Layouts

Create Professional Card Layouts

Create stunning card layouts effortlessly using our intuitive Card Designer. Whether you prefer to upload your custom design or create one from scratch, our tool offers all the essential features you need to bring your vision to life.

Administrative Roles

Manage Roles, Cards, and Data

Discover the power to manage your CardsOnline experience with ease. Our platform offers three default administrator roles, an operator role, and the option to define and add more roles. With simplified management tools, stay on top of your issued cards and card data.

Capture Photos and Add Data

Capture Photos and Add Data

Easily snap and store photos with our versatile capture options - snap a quick pic with your webcam, upload an existing file, or use our IntelliTWAIN capture software for seamless auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

Smart Device Compatible

Smart Device Compatible

Whether you prefer using your trusty desktop computer, handy smartphone, or sleek tablet, CardsOnline is fully compatible with all your smart devices. You can design, produce, and manage your cards from anywhere and at any time, with ease and convenience at your fingertips.

Supported Languages

Supported Languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish and Dutch

Secure Your Data with Our Cloud Solution

VPG CardsOnline -MyCloud Student ID System
ID Software and CardsOnline Cloud Solution

Embrace the future by leaving behind outdated ID software and embracing the convenience of our cutting-edge MyCloud Student ID solution.

We're transforming the entire process by taking it online, giving you the power to experience a whole new level of efficiency. With our streamlined system, you'll be able to save valuable time and money, simplifying your administration like never before.

  • Using only one system, all the functionalities save time and cost, simplifying your administration. 
  • Log in and manage your IDs from any device, anywhere!
  • Unlimited users & automatic software updates
  • Compatible across multiple platforms
  • Connect to your SIS to update data seamlessly

Hardware and Software

Precision Solid Printer

Precision PhotoID Printer Line

The Precision Photo ID printers are designed with longevity in mind, featuring robust steel frames capable of handling high-volume printing year after year. With options for single and dual-sided printing, as well as the ability to incorporate barcodes that link to lunch and library accounts, card lamination, holographic images, mag strips, and smart card technology, our ID badge printers are the ideal setup for any organization's identification system. 

CardsOnline ID Sustem

My Cloud Student ID System

Introducing a seamless badging experience on registration day and beyond. MyCloud Student ID solution transforms the traditional badging process by taking it online. Streamline your administrative tasks, save valuable time and money, all with the exclusive cloud-based solution designed specifically for schools.

How To Videos

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CardsOnline 7: Temporary and Permanent Blocking of a Card

CardsOnline 7: Introduction Overview Group level

Install and Configure Card Print Manager for CARDSonline 7.0

CardsOnline 7: Printing cards with Card Print Manager

CardsOnline 7: Card Print Manager Setup

CardsOnline 7: Card Layout Designer Training

Precision Solid 510 Ribbon Change

Precision Solid 510 Cleaning

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Discover how efficient and affordable ID card-related activities and management can make a difference in your organization.

For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our education sales consultants at Solutionz, Inc., and schedule a demonstration of our MyCloud Student ID system.