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Enhance Customer Support with Huddle Rooms

Posted by Ashley Jones on Apr 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

The rise of video conferencing and collaboration solutions has been paralleled by a transformation of office spaces and meeting rooms. With more and more employees working from home or other remote sites, the need for large meeting rooms and individual offices and cubicles has declined. Many employees are part time residents of or occasional visitors to headquarters, and so huddle rooms, modest multi-purpose rooms that can be used on the fly, are becoming more prevalent. According to Wainhouse Research, there are approximately 50 million huddle rooms around the world. So huddle rooms aren’t only the future--they are also the now.

The size and modest needs of a huddle room mean that they are affordable and low maintenance alternatives to the massive video-enabled meeting room of yore. Versatile and malleable, the huddle room can and should be open to anyone who needs it, whenever they need it. From quick brainstorming sessions to focused individual work, the huddle room can become a multimedia collaboration hub when outfitted with a simple collaboration and conferencing solution designed for small spaces.
While we often think about huddle rooms as spaces where colleagues collaborate, these multi-use rooms can also function as crucial customer service tools. Just as in-person customer interactions often require a quieter and more private place to conduct business--think about a bank manager meeting with a loan applicant, or a technical specialist walking a customer through labyrinthine cable box installation instructions--so too do video interactions with distant clients and customers.
In the realm of customer service, we can think of the huddle room as a space in which to give extra attention to a difficult or complicated customer service interaction. Maybe you need to bring a colleague or two into the video conference to better address the customer’s needs--there’s no better place than a huddle room for a small meeting like this. Or maybe you just need the peace and quiet to focus on your customer without Bob walking behind your desk or your neighbor’s phone ringing every thirty seconds--just take the call in a huddle room and forget about all outside distractions. And then, once you're done with your customer, you can go back to your desk and leave the huddle room open to whomever might need it.
There are so many different kinds of customer interaction--so why not have the flexibility to handle anything that video screen might throw at you?

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