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Making The Case For Video Walls

Posted by Ashley Jones on May 8, 2018 11:00:00 AM

We tend to focus on digital solutions as a means of collaboration between co-workers, and while that aspect of A/V integration is absolutely crucial, screen technology is also an excellent way to deliver powerful messages to your clients and business partners. In such cases, we are thinking about screens as a uni-directional format, less of a conversation and more of an announcement: this is who we are. And there is no better way to show visitors who you are than with a well-designed and inviting lobby or atrium. But instead of the traditional, inoffensive art and decoration, businesses now have recourse to video walls that boast high-definition images and easy content control. Let's take a look at the advantages of such an addition.


There is certainly something to be said for the decorative power of large paintings and elaborate water features, but over time, these immutable installations will fade into the background and become nearly invisible due to repeated exposure. How many times can you expect your customers to gaze upon that tasteful landscape painting before they begin to associate it with tedium and monotony? Of course, you can invest in an art library and rotate the work on display, but why add art curation to your list of responsibilities? With a video wall, you can easily change the content whenever you want, thereby giving clients and customers something new and eye-catching to notice every time they visit your business. If nothing else, this commitment to variety will at least demonstrate that you are thinking about your visitors’ needs from the moment they walk in the door.


You might not think of a top-notch video wall as a cost-saving solution, which is fair enough--the up-front investment isn’t exactly something to sneeze at. But we’re thinking about the long haul here. As your priorities as a business change, your display can change with you. You need not invest in a costly overhaul of your lobby art to accommodate a remodel. You can simply change the nature of your display. It is the rare architectural feature that can be altered with a simple click, and it can help define your space at various stages of your company’s lifespan, with no additional purchase necessary.


Video walls aren’t just a money-saver--they can also be a great way to generate revenue. Let’s say you’re in the hotel business. The video wall in your lobby can feature slideshows of your higher-end suites, thereby enticing customers to upgrade their reservation. Or you can use the wall to advertise local businesses (restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls) who pay you for the video real estate. Obviously, this kind of money-making strategy won’t work for every business, but in certain cases, it is perfectly appropriate.

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