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Reimagining Classroom Collaboration with ViewSonic

Posted by Ashley Jones on Jun 14, 2021 1:52:53 PM

The last year of remote and hybrid learning has been incredibly challenging for students, teachers, parents and administrators. The sudden closure of schools and rapid shift into tech-mediated distance learning forced all involved to approach education as a day-to-day experiment in adaptation and flexibility.

The hurdles to learning were, and still are, numerous, but children proved to be especially adept at incorporating conferencing and collaboration solutions into their daily lives. While a return to “normal” is the goal, educators are looking at ways to leverage their students’ year-long crash course in digital learning to fashion the hybrid learning environments of the future. Young learners are quick learners, as the last year as proven, and there is no going back to the way things were “before.” The future is here, and whether students are learning remotely or in-person, they should have access to tools that help them succeed. 

ViewSonic innovative education solutions reimagine the classroom. Chief among these innovations is the myViewBoard ecosystem, which includes content packages like myViewBoard Clips and collaboration tools like the ViewBoard Pen Display. 

“ViewSonic is excited to introduce these solutions as part of the myViewBoard ecosystem that can help teachers and students share and collaborate, even at a distance,” said Sean Liu, business line manager, software at ViewSonic America. “As schools continue to develop new and creative learning environments to match the needs of remote- and hybrid-learning environments, teachers and students face challenges that require resources from hardware to software. These solutions were developed to provide supplementary tools for digitalized learning in this new hybrid learning environment.”

The myViewBoard Clips hybrid package gives educators access to more than two million educational videos, which can be shared with students in the classroom and at home. With curated content geared toward common core standards and sortable based on age level and subject matter, myViewBoard Clips supplements instruction with fun and informative material from such media partners as TED, PBS NewsHour and Bloomberg Media. 

The ViewBoard Pen Display comes in two flavors. The ID1330 Pen Display comes with a battery-free pen with which teachers can create, manage, and share digital content. This is an ideal tool for science, art, and math teachers to create engaging drawings, diagrams, equations and sketches. The ID1330 can also be used as a second screen during online lessons. The ID0730 ViewBoard Notepad, meanwhile, is a stripped down solution for digitalized note-taking. Both solutions are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. 

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