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Collaborating With Polycom RealPresence Clariti

Since its unveiling in 2011, Polycom’s RealPresence Platform has been at the leading edge of universal video collaboration, and now, with the introduction of RealPresence Clariti, Polycom is once again revolutionizing the way organizations connect in the virtual realm. Clariti carries over the easy-to-use collaboration solutions customers have come to love in RealPresence, but with flexible pricing structures and increased cloud coverage, not to mention developer tools and streamlined administration tools, Clariti takes Polycom’s video conferencing technology to another level. Here are few exciting features of Polycom’s latest breakthrough.

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Choosing the Right Polycom Phone

How do you choose the right phone for your conferencing desires?  With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is the right product for your company. Polycom offers a variety of audio conferencing options that are sure to fit your needs. 

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Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing business, time is money. That’s why manufacturing teams are turning to video conferencing. It has allowed manufacturing firms to reduce production time, ultimately leading to decreasing the amount of time it takes for a product to get into the hands of the consumer.

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Video Collaboration Solutions for Emergency Management

Law enforcement and emergency services crews have substantial synchronization, field communication and training requirements. Those needs require flawless communication and sharing of detailed information, such as charts, maps, building diagrams, satellite images, surveillance camera footage, recordings and event forensic evidence.

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Polycom RealPresence Mobile for any Occupation


Polycom RealPresence Mobile Software is a software solution that is free to download and brings enterprise-grade video to tablets and smartphones. Use your smartphone or tablet to collaborate and connect over video face-to-face with colleagues, customers, partners, patients and students - no matter where they are located or where you are located.

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Polycom Launches CX8000 Room System

Polycom has launched its CX8000 room system for Microsoft Lync, a video conferencing system that provides the power of Microsoft Lync to the conference room with HD video, simple room controls and an optional, center-of-table experience. Companies around the world have come to depend on the reliable combination of  Polycom and Microsoft Lync solutions for a unified collaboration and communications room system for managers, employees and customers/clients of geographically dispersed organizations.

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See Why your Business Needs Video Conferencing in 2014

2014 is upon us and so is new technology. Video conferencing technology is embracing this social and global world.  Mobility is no longer a trend, but a business reality. Video Conferencing not only increases productivity, but saves time and money. Companies that are getting ahead are building a unified communications and collaboration strategy that includes video. 

Polycom innovation has changed the way the world works, whether it’s helping people save lives, learn, or create, they are pushing human collaboration forward. See how video conferencing can help make your business succeed in the New Year!

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Polycom CX Series Perfect For Round Table Discussions

Polycom has recently released the new CX Series, a desktop video conferencing unit that allows 360-degree views for seamless communication. The CX Series comes fully compatible with Microsoft Lync via USB connection. This is the latest development in the strong partnership between Polycom and Microsoft, both working toward the goal of seamless and effortless communication.

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Blue Jeans - Bringing the Conference to You!

While many companies use conference calls to engage multiple parties at once, this can lead to enablement of multi-tasking, late arrivals, and easy distractions. Thankfully, video conferencing combats these effects by simulating an in-person meeting through virtual face-to-face interaction. Many of these systems are costly, and despite available grants and funding some organizations simply cannot afford an enterprise-grade system.  This is where Blue Jeans comes in.

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Smiths Group Uses Polycom RealPresence to Increase Communication

Smiths Group, a technology company, recently implemented Polycom RealPresence video solutions to increase communication and expedite decision making. The Smiths Group currently operates from over 50 countries and employs over 23,000 people in a variety of industries. For them, the biggest reason for implementing the Polycom video system was to increase communication, expedite decision making, and cut traveling considerably.

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Polycom RealPresence Powers 2012 Tech Awards

Polycom, the global leader in unified communications, provided their own Polycom RealPresence to the 2012 Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials. Polycom features legendary quality video conferencing services (known for their Polycom HDX system) helped the Tech Awards bring together past winners, current nominees in five categories, and one individual winner- all entrepreneurs who use technology to better humanity.

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Polycom 4th Quarter Promotions

Polycom, the industry leader in unified collaboration solutions, will be rolling out new promotions on October 8th. Listed below are details about some exciting changes happening!

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Telejustice Saves Time and Money Worldwide

Telejustice, the use of video conferencing to conduct judicial proceedings, is becoming progressively more popular in US cities for select hearings. Telejustice brings many benefits to the judicial system, primarily cost reduction and speeding up the judicial process as a whole with the accused present in court via video conference. Many individuals, including the Pennsylvania First Judicial District’s director of courtroom proceedings, Michael Spaziano, think that all guilty pleas should be conducted via video.

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Polycom Teams Up with Right To Play Through Video Collaboration

Polycom, the leader in unified communications, along with Right To Play are bringing children together with Olympians through video collaboration. Right To Play is an international charity that believes in the transformative power that play can give to children. They used face-to-face video collaboration from Polycom as a gateway between Right To Play Athlete Ambassadors, such as Canadian cyclist Clara Hughs, and disadvantaged children in Rwanda, allowing them to share their passion and dedication about overcoming challenges and obstacles.

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Polycom Sweeps 2012 FGDLA Pillar Awards



Polycom, the worldwide leader in unified communications, announced four of their customers received 2012 FGDLA awards. These were awarded to The National Park Service (NPS), the Defense Acquisition (DAU), the World Bank and Army National Guard (ARNG) as acknowledgement for their exceptional efforts to broaden learning in the federal sector. These organizations use the unifying hub of Polycom® RealPresence® video technology to bring the effective face-to-face video conferencing and learning from military service personnel to school children. The Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA) also awarded select leaders from Polycom, DAU and NPS for accomplishments in distance learning.

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Don't Count Out SMBs for Telepresence & Video Conferencing

SMBs are in perfect position to gain the greatest benefits that business grade, high definition video conferencing solutions have to offer. Yet, somehow telepresence and high-definition video conferencing has gotten the reputation that it is a solution exclusively for large enterprises, while smaller or mid-sized organizations (SMBs) are left behind to make do with e-mail, voice, or web-based video created for consumer applications.  Medium to small businesses seek to manage a workforce that is geographically dispersed, travel more, and fight to keep a competitive edge amongst their larger competitors all with less resources. 

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Polycom Video Conferencing Bringing International Teams Closer

Severstal, a leading steel company in today’s industry is utilizing Polycom video collaboration technology for its enormous workforce reaching 84,000.  Although this workforce is dispersed across ten different countries the ability to collaborate face-to-face, anytime, anywhere has been made easy through the use of the Polycom RealPresence Platform.

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Do Not Miss the Polycom Trade2Great Promotion

There is no better time to Trade-up/Trade-in for one of Polycom’s latest and greatest Video Collaboration solutions!

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Go Mobile with Polycom’s Easy2GoMobile Promotion

For a short time, receive 200 licenses for FREE with the purchase of a new Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager (CMA 4000) with 100 licenses!  If you already own Polycom’s CMA 4000 then take advantage of a 75% savings off of additional licenses!

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Accelerate Your Polycom Experience

The Polycom Accelerate Promotion Program offers some of the best ways to “accelerate” both usage and adoption of some of Polycom’s leading video collaboration solutions.  Take advantage of benefits including process improvements, productivity, and ROI in key areas:

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New Exciting FREE Polycom HDX Remote Control App Now Available

Solutionz is excited to offer the newly approved Polycom HDX Remote Control app available in Apple’s App Store.  Now instead of using the standard HDX remote control, iPhone/iPod/iPad users can use their personal devices to take control of Polycom’s HDX video conferencing systems.  The app gives users the ability to control a far end system’s camera and their own system.  Unlike the current HDX remote that is offered in the App store this app is upgraded with additional abilities like pairing with multiple HDX systems and the ability to ask for service help by just clicking a button.

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Exciting News for Tablet Users - Polycom RealPresence Mobile

Polycom announced this morning the availability of Polycom’s RealPresence Mobile software application on Apple’s Ipad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, XOOM, and Motorola tablets.  This leading software gives users the opportunity to enjoy high definition video collaboration anytime, from anywhere.

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Today Upgrade Your Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

Save Money and Get Money Back!  Upgrade to the latest solutions from Polycom!

Trade-in your current video conferencing unit, including VSX, or conferencing bridge & upgrade to the Polycom HDX® room telepresence series or Polycom RMX® conference platforms — take advantage of the benefits now!

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Polycom EagleEye Director: Make Meetings More Dynamic


Enable Your Video System to Zoom In and Out on the Speaker Hands Free with the Polycom EagleEye Director

Make meetings more realistic and conversation-friendly with Polycom's EagleEye Director, a patent-pending technology that enables close-up views of every speaker in the video conference, without the need for a remote control or user intervention.

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Polycom Telepresence Makes Its Mark In Hollywood

When it comes to all stars productions like ‘Fringe’ and ‘The Good Wife’ to ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Ask Oprah All Stars’ they all have one thing in common…High Definition Polycom telepresence systems.  Why have they all chosen telepresence solutions as a way to make TV better?  Two words, “location liberation!"  With both the Polycom UC Intelligent Core and Polycom telepresence not only can Producers enable their east coast production teams to collaborate “in-person” with the west coast but also daytime television shows can now communicate remotely with guests in real-time. 

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Video Conferencing Now a Need for Enterprises

New advantages are being discovered everyday through the deployment of Polycom video conferencing solutions in enterprises around the world.   Let us start by considering a few…

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Surprise! Video Conferencing is the Best Choice for SMBs

Contrary to what you may have heard, high-definition video conferencing solutions are ideal for Small to Medium Size businesses.  Quit making do with email, voice, or web-based video created for consumers applications and instead take the time to find out which Polycom HD video solution is right for your SMB. 

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Polycom and Microsoft Lync Transform Unified Communications

Solutionz is excited to tell you more about what Polycom solutions can offer you now that they have joined forces with Microsoft.  As a team, Microsoft and Polycom execute a complete, end-to-end, standards-based unified communication solution optimized for the Microsoft UC platform.   With so many enhanced products customers can expect better business productivity at lower costs.

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Don’t let the following myths deter you from finding out which video conferencing solution is right for your organization!

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The Polycom Video Trade-In Program

Now is the time to upgrade to a new Polycom HDX with Polycom's new Video Trade-In Program. For a limited time you can trade in existing Polycom or competitive video conferencing equipment and receive a rebate up to $2,475 when you purchase a new qualifying Polycom HDX system.

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Polycom & Microsoft Unite for Better Video Conferencing

When you join Polycom and Microsoft together you are joining the global front-runner in video, voice, and telepresence solutions with the global front-runner in software solutions.  This means that organizations will be able to utilize video conferencing in ways they never have before.

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Learn How Firefighters Utilize Video Conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing even firefighters have come to appreciate all that it has to offer.  One of the biggest challenges firefighters face is the ability to train others without taking them away from their own station.  If firefighters have to go to the main training center to learn new skills then they lose the ability to respond to emergencies without delay.  With the ability to train firefighters in their own station this problem completely goes away.  This is only one way that Polycom video conferencing products are being utilized by local firefighters in the Lake Travis area.  Along with the ability to respond to emergencies immediately in the middle of a training session, video conferencing allows firefighters to train five to six stations at once.  Instead of a trainer teaching the same information multiple times a day to multiple different stations, he/she only has to teach it once.  Polycom video conferencing products also allows for the training sessions to be archived which gives firefighters the unique ability to refresh their skills at anytime.  Seeing the firefighter’s facial expressions during a training session is “icing on the cake”.  It seems like the benefits of video conferencing are endless for these firefighters, click here to learn more.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abpC3q_d_60&feature=related

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Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) & H.264

Earlier this week at Infocomm Polycom unveiled two of their newest product offerings - the Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) 300 and the expanded H.264 High Profile Support. Why are these products so exciting and what does it mean to the telecommunications industry?

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Jack Bauer Uses Video Conferencing, Why Don't You?

Saving the world from nuclear bombs, terrorists, and biological threats can't be easy, but 24's Jack Bauer always seems to find a way. However, he doesn't do it alone - not only does he have a support team with his CTU colleagues, but Video Conferencing and Telepresence are now playing a part in saving the world.

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Video Conferencing: Half the Bandwidth, Half the Cost

Want to save on your bandwidth costs but don't think you can with your video conferencing needs? Now with Polycom's breakthrough H.264 High Profile in Polycom high definition (HDX) room telepresence solutions, you can! High Profile enables network resources to be dramatically reduced for all video-enabled organizations. It allows Chief Information Officers to power video communication with fewer resources while simultaneously meeting their budget challenge constraints. With this revolutionary breakthrough, Polycom Video Conferencing deployments can now be more cost effective, increase efficiency, achieve greater quality, accelerate ROI, and be extended to a greater number of sites than ever before.

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