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Video Conferencing Quick Start Bundle

Here at Solutionz we want you to stay connected through faster and easier communication with virtual face-to-face meetings.  This not only increases collaboration but decision making time, while enabling employees to effectively work from home and remain connected to their coworkers. That is why we are offering Blue Jeans Quick Start Bundle.

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7 Collaboration Tips for Manufacturing Companies


Collaboration and teamwork are essential in bringing people, processes, and products together, especially when it comes to manufacturing and innovation. For the proposal of a new product it is crucial that demands, advice and ideas from all portions of the Research and Development (R&D) value chain are considered for product development and success during the product lifecycle.

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Set Up Your Video Conference Room The Right Way

Video conferencing is becoming the simplest way to communicate and collaborate. The following 5 tips will help renovate your meeting space into the greatest video conferencing room possible!

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3 Uncommon Benefits of Video Enabled Workplace

We all know that there are several benefits when it comes to video conferencing. Saving on travel costs and time, offering flexibility for employees and being able to connect form anywhere, just to name a few. However, taking a closer look in to other values associated with video conferencing allows you to see how your company can benefit in ways you may not have thought of.

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4 Collaboration Benefits You're Missing


We all know that Collaboration promotes business. Employees are more engaged with access to the resources and information they need, and with an engaged workforce comes more loyalty, productivity and satisfaction. To achieve these business results collaboration has to be simple, whether it’s between teams, individuals, customers, or partners.

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5 Video Conferencing Myths

Even with all the obvious benefits of video conferencing, many companies are still hesitant to support it as a reasonable replacement for traveling and in-person meetings. If anything has hurt adoption of video conferencing solutions in small and medium businesses over the years, it’s the misconceptions about the possible options. Whether they are uncertain the savings will ever compensate the initial investment, they are scared of technology, or unsure which system is compatible with their partner’s.

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How are Law Firms Using Video Conferencing?

A Law firm’s success depends on personal relationships, both with clients and within the business. But in today’s world, the legal domain is becoming more worldwide and meeting in person isn’t always an option. The great thing is, that the cloud is enabling a new generation of easy to use video conferencing and collaboration technology that provides face-to-face video consultations.

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Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing business, time is money. That’s why manufacturing teams are turning to video conferencing. It has allowed manufacturing firms to reduce production time, ultimately leading to decreasing the amount of time it takes for a product to get into the hands of the consumer.

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Video Collaboration Solutions for Emergency Management

Law enforcement and emergency services crews have substantial synchronization, field communication and training requirements. Those needs require flawless communication and sharing of detailed information, such as charts, maps, building diagrams, satellite images, surveillance camera footage, recordings and event forensic evidence.

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Stay Motivated When Working From Home


For many of us working from home is the new norm. It is the next big thing and what many employees look for when searching the job market. Video conferencing helps offer employees working remotely more flexibility, fewer distractions and cuts on time and costs.

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Video Conferencing in the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry continues to face new challenges and risks. These issues can cause lower productivity, unnecessary expenses and even physical harm. Video conferencing can be a critical resolution to some of the major problems within the oil and gas industry.

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See Why your Business Needs Video Conferencing in 2014

2014 is upon us and so is new technology. Video conferencing technology is embracing this social and global world.  Mobility is no longer a trend, but a business reality. Video Conferencing not only increases productivity, but saves time and money. Companies that are getting ahead are building a unified communications and collaboration strategy that includes video. 

Polycom innovation has changed the way the world works, whether it’s helping people save lives, learn, or create, they are pushing human collaboration forward. See how video conferencing can help make your business succeed in the New Year!

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Secretary of State Clinton Uses Video Conferencing to Connect

The Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton, recently conducted her last “Global Town Hall” meeting through video conferencing. This meeting enabled students around the world to not only view, but participate in this meeting. This participation was made possible by using video conferencing solutions, such as internet phone technology (like IP Video Conferencing), Skype, Twitter, and Facebook. Through these connections, Clinton was able to field questions and answer them in real-time.

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Cisco and Purple Insights Survey Voters About Video Conferencing

Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking, and Purple, a polling organization, surveyed US voters, finding 80% of people value video conferencing. Of those, 89% personally value the ability to connect two different manufacturer video devices and have them work cooperatively. The use of video conferencing has skyrocketed within the government, education and healthcare fields, and with consumers. The Cisco Visual Networking Index claims that in three years one-million minutes of video will cross the internet per-second.

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Polycom Teams Up with Right To Play Through Video Collaboration

Polycom, the leader in unified communications, along with Right To Play are bringing children together with Olympians through video collaboration. Right To Play is an international charity that believes in the transformative power that play can give to children. They used face-to-face video collaboration from Polycom as a gateway between Right To Play Athlete Ambassadors, such as Canadian cyclist Clara Hughs, and disadvantaged children in Rwanda, allowing them to share their passion and dedication about overcoming challenges and obstacles.

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Don't Count Out SMBs for Telepresence & Video Conferencing

SMBs are in perfect position to gain the greatest benefits that business grade, high definition video conferencing solutions have to offer. Yet, somehow telepresence and high-definition video conferencing has gotten the reputation that it is a solution exclusively for large enterprises, while smaller or mid-sized organizations (SMBs) are left behind to make do with e-mail, voice, or web-based video created for consumer applications.  Medium to small businesses seek to manage a workforce that is geographically dispersed, travel more, and fight to keep a competitive edge amongst their larger competitors all with less resources. 

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Polycom Video Conferencing Bringing International Teams Closer

Severstal, a leading steel company in today’s industry is utilizing Polycom video collaboration technology for its enormous workforce reaching 84,000.  Although this workforce is dispersed across ten different countries the ability to collaborate face-to-face, anytime, anywhere has been made easy through the use of the Polycom RealPresence Platform.

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Do Not Miss the Polycom Trade2Great Promotion

There is no better time to Trade-up/Trade-in for one of Polycom’s latest and greatest Video Collaboration solutions!

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Accelerate Your Polycom Experience

The Polycom Accelerate Promotion Program offers some of the best ways to “accelerate” both usage and adoption of some of Polycom’s leading video collaboration solutions.  Take advantage of benefits including process improvements, productivity, and ROI in key areas:

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Telepresence and UC Transform Human Justice Processes

Telepresence and Unified Communications are being used in correctional facilities, courtrooms, and police stations around the world.  The benefits of Telepresence and UC in the Human Justice processes are just beginning to be realized.  From an expert in a busy forensics lab to a suspect behind bars Telepresence takes them where they need to be, the minute they need to be there, and without the need to travel.

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Exciting News for Tablet Users - Polycom RealPresence Mobile

Polycom announced this morning the availability of Polycom’s RealPresence Mobile software application on Apple’s Ipad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, XOOM, and Motorola tablets.  This leading software gives users the opportunity to enjoy high definition video collaboration anytime, from anywhere.

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Video Conferencing Now a Need for Enterprises

New advantages are being discovered everyday through the deployment of Polycom video conferencing solutions in enterprises around the world.   Let us start by considering a few…

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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Is Endless

3 Steps to Start Understanding How

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Video Conferencing: The New Wave of Communication

Now more than ever before organizations are turning to new, innovative ways to conduct business during these challenging economic times. On the top of the list is collaboration. Introducing the New Wave of Communication - video conferencing - which is transforming the way organizations collaborate on a global scale. The New Wave of Communication allows organizations of all sizes to:

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