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Polycom Telepresence Makes Its Mark In Hollywood

Posted by Chessie Skates on Mar 11, 2011 11:56:00 AM

When it comes to all stars productions like ‘Fringe’ and ‘The Good Wife’ to ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Ask Oprah All Stars’ they all have one thing in common…High Definition Polycom telepresence systems.  Why have they all chosen telepresence solutions as a way to make TV better?  Two words, “location liberation!"  With both the Polycom UC Intelligent Core and Polycom telepresence not only can Producers enable their east coast production teams to collaborate “in-person” with the west coast but also daytime television shows can now communicate remotely with guests in real-time. 

Why is Polycom Telepresence the best choice to meet everyday challenges in TV production?  The experts say it all:

"Polycom gives us the flexibility to encompass all areas of our production,"  "We talk about the script, then we talk about the shoot, and then we look at cuts together. We become whole when using the Polycom systems.”

Brook Kennedy, executive producer for The Good Wife

“Telepresence is rapidly revolutionizing the way TV is created and presented, and Polycom is the telepresence platform of choice for TV's hottest producers,"  “Whether they rely on Polycom for filmed series, for pre- and post-production, or for on-camera communication with talk show guests, today's producers demand a reliable, crystal-clear HD connection so participants feel and appear as if they're in the same room. They know they'll get that experience with Polycom."

Susan Hayden, Polycom executive vice president of worldwide marketing

“We always prefer to interview guests using video,"   "It elevates the viewing experience. But that's only if it works well. And with Polycom, it does."

Rich de Michele, executive in charge of production for Dr. Phil and The Doctors

How does each show accomplish more with telepresence?  Easy…

  1. The Good Wife – To put out an original episode out every 8 days, with a production spanning two coasts is no small feat!  The Polycom high definition telepresence solution bridges multiple gaps making it easier for shows to be written in LA, filmed and directed in Brooklyn, and back to LA for post-production and editing.
  2. Fringe – With effects artists, writers, and studio executive all residing in LA a powerhouse like Polycom is just what you need to shoot and edit FOXT TV hit sci-fi series in New York.  Everyone essential to making and producing this show can still meet “in-person” and in “real-time” to achieve a riveting TV experience that its viewers expect. 
  3. Dr. Phil and The Doctors – Interviews, Interviews, Interviews!  It is extremely important for interviews with remote guests to be clear, seamless, and of course face-to-face.  Not only do hosts for The Doctors and Dr. Phil himself interview guests with a crystal-clear high-definition connection but also productions costs have been cut by as much as $250,000/season.
  4. Ask Oprah’s All Stars – Only with the use of Polycom telepresence and Polycom CMA can you bring together Dr. Phil, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Suze Orman all on one stage to answer  viewers urgent questions about mental well-being, wealth, and health, in-person.  Also, an astonishing interview took place with a guest who was in-flight via Virgin America with the goal of conquering her fear of flying. 

It is time to believe that Polycom Telepresence Solutions can take your organization places it has never gone before!  Telepresence is not just for Hollywood, there is a perfect solution for your organization too.  Contact your local Solutionz sales representative today to learn more.

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