Choosing the Right Polycom Phone

How do you choose the right phone for your conferencing desires?  With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is the right product for your company. Polycom offers a variety of audio conferencing options that are sure to fit your needs. 

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Solutionz Grant Program Services Benefits

Did you know, the U.S. federal government offers billions of dollars in grant funding to government agencies, schools, healthcare organizations, and several public entities to improve procedures and delivery of services to our communities? Countless funding sources are devoted to outreach and services that request distance learning and telemedicine technologies. Solutionz Grant Program Services experts are dedicated to helping you discover those funding programs best suited for your video conferencing needs.

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Stay Motivated When Working From Home


For many of us working from home is the new norm. It is the next big thing and what many employees look for when searching the job market. Video conferencing helps offer employees working remotely more flexibility, fewer distractions and cuts on time and costs.

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Implementing Video Conferencing into Your Business Model

Enterprises around the world are getting serious about integrating video conferencing as an everyday communication tool. Technology improvements along with high speed IP networks are reducing travel, improving communications at the office, and allowing employees to telecommute all through video conferencing. However, for some, these video conferencing solutions still seem too costly and confusing to set up, operate, and manage. Here are some guidelines for implementing a unified communication strategy at your business.

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Secretary of State Clinton Uses Video Conferencing to Connect

The Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton, recently conducted her last “Global Town Hall” meeting through video conferencing. This meeting enabled students around the world to not only view, but participate in this meeting. This participation was made possible by using video conferencing solutions, such as internet phone technology (like IP Video Conferencing), Skype, Twitter, and Facebook. Through these connections, Clinton was able to field questions and answer them in real-time.

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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Is Endless

3 Steps to Start Understanding How

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