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Building Experiences: Architects, Designers, and AV Integrators

Architects and interior designers are revolutionizing how we experience buildings by seamlessly blending cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) technology into their designs. Early collaboration with AV professionals is the key to bringing clients' visions for functional and attractive spaces to life. By working with AV experts from the initial stages, designers create realistic budgets and timelines and ensure that the technical aspects complement the artistic vision.

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Solutionz, Inc. Ignites Purpose: Sales Conference Success Fuels Record-Breaking $150,000 for the 9th Annual Golf for Hope, in Support of City of Hope


In the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, Solutionz, Inc. recently hosted its annual sales conference at the Hilton Phoenix Tapatio Cliffs Resort, bringing together our dynamic sales team, visionary leaders, and top manufacturers for a transformative experience. Against the backdrop of innovation and collaboration, this event was a catalyst for exploring the forefront of audiovisual technology and support services.

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Video Walls: LCD, LED, or Rear-Projection? How Do You Choose?

Video walls offer a dynamic visual experience and are used in a number of applications. The choice of a video wall type depends on factors such as the intended application, space constraints, desired visual impact, and budget. Let’s explore different types of video wall technologies and their use cases.

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Top Considerations for Replacing Aging AV Solutions


For many of us, Audiovisual (AV) technology is an integral part of our professional lives. From virtual meetings and presentations to healthcare and education, AV solutions play a crucial role.

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Keep Your Cool with AV and UC Services Backing You Up

Solutionz Support Services add value to your Audio Visual and Unified Communications investments with greater reliability, productivity, and ROI. 

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Investing in Technicians: How Solutionz Creates the Best in AV

When a client purchases an audio visual room system, they consult with account executives and engineers to finalize designs that will meet their specific needs. Project managers play a big part in setting installations up for success, but audio visual integration technicians are the trained professionals responsible for delivering quality results. Ultimately, your AV project is only as good as your technician.

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Expert Engineers Match Goals and Budget

Audio Visual Integrators specialize in designing and installing videoconferencing and collaboration systems. The science behind adjusting for spatial variables cannot be underestimated when evaluating the value proposition of AV integrators.

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10 Secrets of Unified Communications

As little kids we all spent hours playing hide and seek. Nothing quite matched the excitement of gleefully calling out one of our little playmates as we spied them crouching under the stairs or pressed behind a tree.

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5 Video Conferencing Myths

Even with all the obvious benefits of video conferencing, many companies are still hesitant to support it as a reasonable replacement for traveling and in-person meetings. If anything has hurt adoption of video conferencing solutions in small and medium businesses over the years, it’s the misconceptions about the possible options. Whether they are uncertain the savings will ever compensate the initial investment, they are scared of technology, or unsure which system is compatible with their partner’s.

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Negatives of Telecommuting?

Those who work from home often preach the great benefits of telecommuting – better work-life balance, increased productivity, they’re saving their company money, etc. But some individuals and companies alike feel the negatives of working from home outweigh the positives.

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Blue Jeans - Bringing the Conference to You!

While many companies use conference calls to engage multiple parties at once, this can lead to enablement of multi-tasking, late arrivals, and easy distractions. Thankfully, video conferencing combats these effects by simulating an in-person meeting through virtual face-to-face interaction. Many of these systems are costly, and despite available grants and funding some organizations simply cannot afford an enterprise-grade system.  This is where Blue Jeans comes in.

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What is Unified Communication?

What exactly IS unified communication? More than a buzzword in the technology world, unified communication is not something that can be easily summed up. Unified communications is, as the name suggests, many things working as one.

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Telepresence and UC Transform Human Justice Processes

Telepresence and Unified Communications are being used in correctional facilities, courtrooms, and police stations around the world.  The benefits of Telepresence and UC in the Human Justice processes are just beginning to be realized.  From an expert in a busy forensics lab to a suspect behind bars Telepresence takes them where they need to be, the minute they need to be there, and without the need to travel.

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