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5 Video Conferencing Myths

Even with all the obvious benefits of video conferencing, many companies are still hesitant to support it as a reasonable replacement for traveling and in-person meetings. If anything has hurt adoption of video conferencing solutions in small and medium businesses over the years, it’s the misconceptions about the possible options. Whether they are uncertain the savings will ever compensate the initial investment, they are scared of technology, or unsure which system is compatible with their partner’s.

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The Difference Between Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Sometimes the language used in the video conferencing can be confusing. What’s the difference between video conferencing and telepresence? What is meant by immersive technologies? Technology is constantly changing, so basically, there is not one right answer.  Marketing materials may use one term or the other, and there might not even be a settlement between different vendors as to the meaning of these terms.

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Blue Jeans - Bringing the Conference to You!

While many companies use conference calls to engage multiple parties at once, this can lead to enablement of multi-tasking, late arrivals, and easy distractions. Thankfully, video conferencing combats these effects by simulating an in-person meeting through virtual face-to-face interaction. Many of these systems are costly, and despite available grants and funding some organizations simply cannot afford an enterprise-grade system.  This is where Blue Jeans comes in.

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Telepresence for Trauma Environments

A new study from the University of Miami reports successful use of telepresence in trauma settings by aiding with staff shortages in disaster scenarios. The use of a remote telepresence surgeon for trauma situations proves to be helpful by having extra professional opinions and diagnosis.

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A Case for Telecommuting

The endless debate over whether or not to offer your employees the option of telecommuting remains. While all parties agree that telecommuting is able to offer an improved work/life balance, many aren’t sure this is the right solution for their company. Due to the lack of investment in tools or training for these technologies, it makes sense that adoption and effective collaboration aren’t happening. Having the right tools in your hands make all the difference.

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Polycom 4th Quarter Promotions

Polycom, the industry leader in unified collaboration solutions, will be rolling out new promotions on October 8th. Listed below are details about some exciting changes happening!

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Polycom Sweeps 2012 FGDLA Pillar Awards



Polycom, the worldwide leader in unified communications, announced four of their customers received 2012 FGDLA awards. These were awarded to The National Park Service (NPS), the Defense Acquisition (DAU), the World Bank and Army National Guard (ARNG) as acknowledgement for their exceptional efforts to broaden learning in the federal sector. These organizations use the unifying hub of Polycom® RealPresence® video technology to bring the effective face-to-face video conferencing and learning from military service personnel to school children. The Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA) also awarded select leaders from Polycom, DAU and NPS for accomplishments in distance learning.

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Just a Few of the Leading Benefits of Immersive Telepresence

After conversations with analysts, value-added resellers, and customers we have some of the leading benefits of video conferencing. In no particular order…

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Do Not Miss the Polycom Trade2Great Promotion

There is no better time to Trade-up/Trade-in for one of Polycom’s latest and greatest Video Collaboration solutions!

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Go Mobile with Polycom’s Easy2GoMobile Promotion

For a short time, receive 200 licenses for FREE with the purchase of a new Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager (CMA 4000) with 100 licenses!  If you already own Polycom’s CMA 4000 then take advantage of a 75% savings off of additional licenses!

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Accelerate Your Polycom Experience

The Polycom Accelerate Promotion Program offers some of the best ways to “accelerate” both usage and adoption of some of Polycom’s leading video collaboration solutions.  Take advantage of benefits including process improvements, productivity, and ROI in key areas:

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Cisco Survey Reveals Importance of Telepresence for Healthcare

Leaders in global health were surveyed to determine key players in heath sector innovation.  It is no surprise that information-sharing and collaboration showed the greatest potential for achieving immense innovation for the health sector.  Telepresence and HD video conferencing often are the best and only tools to facilitate life-like collaboration and real-time information sharing. 

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Polycom Telepresence Makes Its Mark In Hollywood

When it comes to all stars productions like ‘Fringe’ and ‘The Good Wife’ to ‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘Ask Oprah All Stars’ they all have one thing in common…High Definition Polycom telepresence systems.  Why have they all chosen telepresence solutions as a way to make TV better?  Two words, “location liberation!"  With both the Polycom UC Intelligent Core and Polycom telepresence not only can Producers enable their east coast production teams to collaborate “in-person” with the west coast but also daytime television shows can now communicate remotely with guests in real-time. 

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Telepresence Made Easier for Enterprises

Cisco unleashed a host of new options to make video throughout enterprises easier to consume and create.  Let Solutionz help you improve communication and business collaboration with one of Cisco’s Telepresence Solutions.

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How Telepresence Solutions Meet Manufacturing Industries Needs

Solutionz offers immersive telepresence solutions for manufacturing industries that improve remote management and operational efficiencies. 

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Polycom and Microsoft Lync Transform Unified Communications

Solutionz is excited to tell you more about what Polycom solutions can offer you now that they have joined forces with Microsoft.  As a team, Microsoft and Polycom execute a complete, end-to-end, standards-based unified communication solution optimized for the Microsoft UC platform.   With so many enhanced products customers can expect better business productivity at lower costs.

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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Solutions

The Right Choice For Any Industry

Solutionz offers video conferencing and telepresence solutions to help your company achieve its fullest potential in today’s economy.  Regardless of which industry you are in there is a video solution right for you—Read how some of the following industries are already achieving new heights by incorporating video into their daily operations.  

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Telepresence Making History:The Cisco & CNN Partnership

Cisco makes history with its telepresence technology; partnering with CNN is a wise choice indeed.  CNN has chosen this partnership to accomplish live two-way communication, through custom built Cisco Telepresence sets during news broadcasting.  This is definitely a step up from their customary one-way feeds.  CNN displays the Cisco Telepresence logo at the beginning and end of the each telepresence interview.  Never before has CNN given an advertiser the opportunity to brand its technology during live news coverage.

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Make the Most Out of Your Meetings

If you have not already, let Solutionz help you decide what Video Conferencing and Telepresence solution is right for you or your company!  Once you have, below are a few helpful tips to make the most out of your video meetings.

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Video Conferencing & Telepresence Is Endless

3 Steps to Start Understanding How

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Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) & H.264

Earlier this week at Infocomm Polycom unveiled two of their newest product offerings - the Polycom Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) 300 and the expanded H.264 High Profile Support. Why are these products so exciting and what does it mean to the telecommunications industry?

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ESPN Brings Cisco TelePresence to the 2010 World Cup

ESPN recently announced that they will use Cisco TelePresence for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to deliver live and recorded soccer games, as well as connecting soccer fans with players, teams, and coaches. Cisco TelePresence uses high-definition audio and visual for a life-like virtual experience. By utilizing TelePresence, ESPN will economically and effectively enhance the viewers' soccer experience.

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Tailored-Fit TelePresence by TANDBERG

An unprecedented fashion designer like Tommy Hilfiger not only makes sure that his fashion designs are cutting edge, but also his technology. Video conferencing and telepresence are the new waves of communication, and many industries are using it as another creative outlet -in this case a "virtual runway." Fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger are using these "virtual runways" to improve cohesive creative concepts, but also minimizing travel time and costs. The TANDBERG T3 Custom Edition provides the catwalk experience in any office, at any time. Integrative telepresence allows face-to-face interaction from patterns to production without ever leaving the office. The TANDBERG T3 Custom Edition makes immersive telepresence tailored-fit to any industry.

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Jack Bauer Uses Video Conferencing, Why Don't You?

Saving the world from nuclear bombs, terrorists, and biological threats can't be easy, but 24's Jack Bauer always seems to find a way. However, he doesn't do it alone - not only does he have a support team with his CTU colleagues, but Video Conferencing and Telepresence are now playing a part in saving the world.

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Volcanic Ash Boosts Need for Video Conferencing

The volcanic eruption in Iceland caused a complete halt in travel plans all throughout Europe. As thousands of flights in and out of Europe were cancelled, many people were left stranded with no word on when the next flight out will be. Business meetings were cancelled and destinations were unreachable. But as the saying goes, "Every cloud has a silver lining." In this case, the silver lining consisted of an integrative and innovative piece of technology, why of course- video conferencing.

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Top 5 Ways to be GREEN with Video Conferencing


With the continuous increase of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, it is important now, more than ever to reduce our carbon footprints. Organizations, big and small, are doing their part by saving costs on travel, which reduces carbon emissions. Video conferencing and telepresence replaces the need to travel by car and plane, but doesn't compromise face-to-face interaction and productivity.

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Video Conferencing: Half the Bandwidth, Half the Cost

Want to save on your bandwidth costs but don't think you can with your video conferencing needs? Now with Polycom's breakthrough H.264 High Profile in Polycom high definition (HDX) room telepresence solutions, you can! High Profile enables network resources to be dramatically reduced for all video-enabled organizations. It allows Chief Information Officers to power video communication with fewer resources while simultaneously meeting their budget challenge constraints. With this revolutionary breakthrough, Polycom Video Conferencing deployments can now be more cost effective, increase efficiency, achieve greater quality, accelerate ROI, and be extended to a greater number of sites than ever before.

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