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Maximize Your Mobile Video Conferencing ROI

Mobile devices have already taken over ownership of PC’s, and that means the requirement to integrate video conferencing into these devices is critical. The demand for a mobile video conferencing solution is almost mandatory and one that provides compatibility with desktop and room systems is essential.

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Five Ways to Manage Mobile Video Conferencing and Telehealth

mHealth stands for the provision of health-related services using mobile communication technology. As 2014 shifts into the mainstream of mobile video conferencing , healthcare providers will need to recognize and accept patient-provided data in a large-scale way. 

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Conquering Video Conferencing

The popularity of standard video capabilities on tablets, mobile devices, and notebooks paired with a new wave of affordable, enterprise-quality products and Prime Call Cloud services means that many of us will increasingly need to be "on camera" for one business reason or another.

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Three Helpful Ways to Convert to a Flexible Work Environment

Over the past decade laptop use has tripled, video collaboration as grown from 26%-42%, and email, phone and IM have become the main form of communication taking the place of physical meetings as the primary form of communication. Companies are looking for an opportunity to collaborate and work productively through a flexible work schedule.

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Blue Jeans - Bringing the Conference to You!

While many companies use conference calls to engage multiple parties at once, this can lead to enablement of multi-tasking, late arrivals, and easy distractions. Thankfully, video conferencing combats these effects by simulating an in-person meeting through virtual face-to-face interaction. Many of these systems are costly, and despite available grants and funding some organizations simply cannot afford an enterprise-grade system.  This is where Blue Jeans comes in.

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Quick Tips for Telecommuting

Video conferencing is now available to almost anyone due to the capabilities of smartphones and computers. This technology, including FaceTime, Skype and GoogleTalk, has led to a rise in telecommuting allowing employees like account managers or sales to work from home. With all these people working out of their home-office, it begs the question of how does “business attire” or “business casual” translate appropriately to “home-office” attire?

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Mobile Video Conferencing Investment

Ownership of mobile devices is quickly overtaking PC’s, and with that comes the need to integrate video conferencing into these devices. The demand for a mobile video conferencing solution is at the highest ever, and one that allows compatibility with desktop and room systems is essential.

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Unified Communications at Manchester City’s Stadium

Manchester City’s Soccer Stadium will soon be the Premier League’s most fan-friendly and technologically advanced stadium with the help of Cisco and an in-depth unified communication system. The stadium, which has a 47,000 seating capacity and has been applauded for it’s cutting edge facilities, will install Cisco’s Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution. This will deliver high speed internet access in the stadium and round it for thousands of mobile devices including phones and tablets.

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Myth Busters: Teleworking and Video Conferencing

There are several conclusions that employers, employees, and fellow co-workers immediately draw regarding teleworking, and mobile video conferencing. Many of these are false and have led to a fear or aversion to integrating this lifestyle and work change.

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