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Do Not Miss the Polycom Trade2Great Promotion

Posted by Mara Drouhard on Jul 23, 2012 7:38:00 AM

There is no better time to Trade-up/Trade-in for one of Polycom’s latest and greatest Video Collaboration solutions!

No matter if you have an old Polycom product or a competitive manufacturer’s product you can trade your older products in for newer and better Polycom RealPresence Room solutions and Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server solutions.

Take advantage of up-front discounts reaching 40% on competitive trade-ins and as much as 30% on legacy Polycom trade-ins.  Starting now these discounts are given to you as an up-front discount to improve cash flow and streamline processing.  Act Now! These exceptional savings are only being offered through November 30, 2012! However, starting in October discounts will drop, so reach out to your local Solutionz sales representative before it is too late.

Polycom Technology users enjoy the video conferencing experience and have more productive meetings!

  • With Polycom’s Ultimate HD technology both better comprehension and more natural interaction are accomplished
  • 50% less bandwidth for High Definition calls – users from every office are able to enjoy the best quality utilizing the minimum amount of network connectivity – multipoint or point to point calls
  • Polycom’s innovative EagleEye Director delivers automated high impact communications
  • Create a interoperable, standards-based environment where every user can collaborate together, no matter their bandwidth, device, or location
  • Polycom’s RMX has the unique ability dynamically allocate the perfect amount of resources needed to each participant (no less, no more) therefore hosting more multipoint calls is a breeze
  • Increase adoption and usability by delivering a unique “virtual meeting room” to every employee that can be constructed to their exact specifications and needs – they can meet how and when they want!
  • Lower overall TCO (total cost of ownership) with lower annual service fees

Reach out to your Solutionz sales representative to learn more about the products that qualify and to answer any other questions you might have about this amazing promotion!

Some of the many benefit of Video Conferencing & Telepresence include:

Reduce Travel Needs

The use of video conferencing to minimize business travel is often the easiest-to-measure upon the impact on businesses.

  • By eliminating just 2 international flights/month for 3 employees a telepresence system pays for itself during the course of a year.
  • Eliminating the need for excessive travel improves life-work balance for employees which mean better performance on the job with fewer fatigued personnel.

Going Green with Video Conferencing

A corporate brand that is earth-friendly is more important than ever, both in terms of marketplace perception and visible contributions towards energy policy and a sustainable environment.

  • Carbon emissions lessen with every avoided business trip and meeting taken via a Polycom Telepresence Solution
  • As employee commuting decreases so do carbon emissions.

Training New Employees Gets Easier

Using video conferencing technology to shift all or some training into the distance learning model highlights another primary area for enterprises success

  • Imagine training every new employee without having to bring them to the corporate office.  
  • New employees along with instructors can fully participate face-to-face regardless of location.

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