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Polycom Video Conferencing Bringing International Teams Closer

Posted by Chessie Skates on Aug 10, 2012 9:12:00 AM

Severstal, a leading steel company in today’s industry is utilizing Polycom video collaboration technology for its enormous workforce reaching 84,000.  Although this workforce is dispersed across ten different countries the ability to collaborate face-to-face, anytime, anywhere has been made easy through the use of the Polycom RealPresence Platform.

Understanding Their Needs

  • The year of 2003 marked the year that Severstal opened a brand new office located in Moscow as part of a much needed expansion program.  This presented a new challenge because Moscow staff had to meet daily requirements which included collaborating with those in Chereopovets at the head office, a distance of about 500 kilometers.
  •  The need to maintain “in-person” meetings, hold summit conferences, and eliminate as many business trips as possible was great.
  • Polycom’s RealPresence Platform brings together Telepresence, Video, Voice and Infrastructure to meet the needs of Severstal while providing ease of use and a great ROI.

Utilizing Video Daily

  • From large halls to smaller conference rooms video collaboration is taking place within Severstal.
  • A global solution – the installation of 102 terminals in the US and Europe including Polycom’s HDX Room Solutions, CMA (RealPresence Resource Manager), and the RMX (RealPresence Collaboration Server)
  • Daily team meetings -  Every day Severstal hold up to three summits
  • An international company with very large meetings – The office in Moscow takes advantage of its permanent connection with its Cherepovets manufacturing site.
  • The Human Resources Department  - Interviews potential employees
  • Employees stay connected on necessary business trips

Unmatched Benefits

  • Reduce costs while improving communications – “We hold meetings across 30 sites, re-grouping thousands of employees. This is a great way to deliver our messages, in a very cost effective manner. Each Polycom solution pays for itself in six months.”  - Andrey Kozyrev, Director of technical department, Severstal-Infocom
  • Create an environment where sharing knowledge is as easy and effective as possible - “After testing the Polycom solutions for a month, we were able to assess the quality and the benefits, and were quickly convinced we had made the right choice.” - Andrey Kozyrev, Director of technical department, Severstal-Infocom
  • Cutting Costs – ROI is quick and easy to assess
  • Join meetings anytime from anywhere

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