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How to Secure AV Systems

  Securing audio visual (AV) systems is important for organizations that use these systems for presentations, meetings, conferences, and other events. AV systems can be vulnerable to a variety of security threats, such as hackers, viruses, and malware, which can disrupt the functioning of the system and cause loss of sensitive data. Therefore, it is essential to implement security measures to protect AV systems from these threats and ensure their smooth and secure operation.  
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5 Steps to Develop a Successful AV Implementation Plan

  Technology often plays a key role in organizational success. When new audiovisual systems are needed, the list of considerations can be daunting. From the outset, videoconferencing, whiteboards, digital signage, video walls, and the services that support them, all benefit from an AV implementation plan. Professional AV integrators partner with clients to bring the best technology solutions at the best price and in the optimal timeframe. A thorough AV implementation plan organizes information and sets expectations, resulting in long-lasting utility and maximum ROI.  
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How AV Systems Get Attacked

Because AV systems can be attacked in various ways, it is important to implement security measures to protect against attacks and ensure the security and integrity of the system.

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5 Key Benefits of Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software allows organizations to remotely manage computer and audiovisual systems and networks.

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Our Better Business Checklist for 2023

Welcome to a new year! Want to start the year with the most empowered and collaborative team possible? Here is a checklist of collaborative technologies and Solutionz services that will power progress this year and well into the future!

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Keep Your Cool with AV and UC Services Backing You Up

Solutionz’s Prime Call Services add value to your Audio Visual and Unified Communications investments with greater reliability, productivity, and ROI. 

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Grants Program: Course for Success in Education

In recent years, education technology has evolved from being important for student success to being essential. 

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See High ROI on Videoconferencing Tech Investments

Anne was deeply disappointed in the Spring of 2020 when she made the reluctant decision to temporarily close all the offices in her company and ask everyone to work from home. As an investment advisement firm, meeting with clients one-on-one was vital to the business model. Having the doors closed meant that Anne needed to find ways to keep her customers and employees engaged; emails and phone calls could only do so much to communicate. Fortunately, her research showed her how videoconferencing was revolutionizing the financial services industry and she quickly pivoted to bring her business back online. By Spring of 2021, Anne’s team was showing even greater levels of efficiency and profitability.  

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Next Level Legal Teams: Digital Tools for Law Firms

Communication is at the heart of the legal profession. A 2021 survey conducted by the American Bar Association details the digital transformation over the last three years and highlights the operational innovations in the legal ecosystem. Law firms now routinely depend on videoconferencing and virtual collaboration tools to communicate with attorneys, staff, clients, witnesses, courts, and others--making streamlined technology infrastructure crucial to success.  

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Sandwich Coupon... or Phishing Bait?

According to one study, 3.4 billion phishing emails are sent out each day across the world. Gmail Protection Service blocks more than 100 million phishing emails a day. Considering this volume of attempts to defraud people and our busy lives online, the likelihood that at least one email will trick us into clicking on it is quite strong.  

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Creating a Standard Service Suite

Communication technologies are integral to the success of many businesses. Hybrid workplaces, global clientele, and geographically dispersed partners make the need for high-quality communications hardware and software vital to operations. Getting a high ROI on technology investments and giving your teams seamless collaboration experiences is simple with one trusted technology partner working 24/7/365.

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Interactive Whiteboards for Business Foster Innovation

Opening doors for new ways to work together brings fresh energy to teams reliant on sharing information and ideas. Interactive whiteboardsbring a tremendous opportunity to take collaborations to the next level. Whether brainstorming internally or presenting externally, the features of interactive displays have evolved to become powerful tools for communicating using a host of media options.  

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Professional Integrators are Key to Quality Security Systems

The safety and security of people and property are top priorities for facilities management professionals. To provide the best protection, facility managers work with commercial low-voltage integrators to design, install, integrate and service the right security infrastructure for a specific site. Access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance are key components of physical security designs. The three systems can be customized to meet client needs and budgets and, most importantly, these systems can be integrated together for comprehensive physical security protections.

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Consulting AV Integrators Delivers Quality Results

Composed of multiple, high-resolution monitors arranged to form a single screen,video wallsstarted out beingused for control and command centers and evolved into powerful business advertising applications. Today, video walls have become architectural focal points,creating dramatic ambiance in large spaces. Hotels, restaurants, museums, high-rise office buildings, airports and even schools, are displaying artistic graphics and videos on large single direct-view LED displaysor multiple displays arranged in unique patterns to deliver a wow factor, indoors and out.

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Top 5 Benefits of Digital Signage

At this point in the information age, digital signage has become a primary solution for organizations delivering impactful messaging to customers, visitors, and employees. 

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