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Accelerate Your Polycom Experience

Posted by Mara Drouhard on Apr 30, 2012 7:52:00 AM

The Polycom Accelerate Promotion Program offers some of the best ways to “accelerate” both usage and adoption of some of Polycom’s leading video collaboration solutions.  Take advantage of benefits including process improvements, productivity, and ROI in key areas:

  • Expanded adoption and use of Polycom solutions
  • Upgrade older technology
  • Incentives for new users

Current Accelerate Program Offers:

  • With the purchase of a Polycom HDX8000 receive an EagleEye Director for free
  • With the purchase of 2 Polycom HDX4500 or HDX4000 receive 2 additional systems for free including other benefits
  • Great benefits when you upgrade from a Polycom VSX to Polycom HDX
  • Discounts for Polycom’s SoundStructure and HDX8000/9000
  • Special offer for the “Get Started with Video” bundle

To learn more about Polycom’s Accelerate Promotion Program contact your local Solutionz Sales Representative.  Solutionz offers video conferencing and telepresence solutions to help your company achieve its fullest potential in today’s economy.  Regardless of the industry you are in there is a video solution right for you. Remember when you consider the adoption of video conferencing…

Video Conferencing: Transforming the Way Everyone Communicates

  • Decision can me made faster—Did you know that approximately $297 billion every year is wasted on inefficient communication in the US alone?  Video solutions bring all parties together to discuss what needs to be done so people can get to work right away.
  • Experts can be consulted immediately—Video allows experts to be contacted anytime, anywhere, and by anyone (especially with video archiving solutions).
  • Everyone in the organization is brought together—Employees across states and continents can meet in the virtual meeting room.
  • Work/life balance is improved—Working from home can become a reality, instead of wasting time in traffic or in the airport.

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