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Unified Communications In the Cloud?

In an effort to size up the state of Unified Communications in the business world, analyst firm IHS Markit recently conducted a survey of 207 medium and large U.S. organizations about their UC strategies. It should come as no surprise to you that video conferencing currently plays a huge role in how business handle UC. A whopping 86% of surveyed businesses reported that video conferencing will be part of their Unified Communications plan by February 2018.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Office Spaces

Companies are experiencing an epidemic of wasted space. According to research conducted by Herman Miller, only 3 or 4 out of 12 conference room chairs are occupied at a given time. And it’s not only larger conference rooms that have become ghost towns. With more and more people seeking alternative working arrangements, traditional work spaces are dormant far too often. 77% of the time, private offices are unoccupied, while work stations are unoccupied 66% of the time.

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Fostering Trust and Intimacy With Video Conferencing

No matter how immersive your video conferencing solution, there will always be a little something missing from a meeting mediated by screens and speakers. You can’t smell your colleagues through a speaker, for instance. And you might not pick up on your interlocutor’s fidgety left foot, a sure sign of nerves or over-caffeination. You might not see that your boss missed a bottom button while getting dressed. These are tiny things, seemingly inconsequential, but they all add up to create a vulnerable vibe that in turn engenders an intimacy that is crucial for building empathy and trust. Meeting face to face simply has a humanizing effect on all involved.

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Debunking Common Video Conferencing Myths

It’s totally fine if you don’t feel ready to leap into the world of video conferencing! Maybe you’re about to move into a new building and would rather get settled before investing in new technology. Maybe you would prefer to conduct all of your business with carrier pigeon. That’s fine! But please make sure you’re not basing your decision on myths that just aren’t true. Consider the following misconceptions about conferencing and check them against your own concerns. You might find you’ve got video conferencing all wrong.

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The Meeting Room Stand-off…

You are a modern day worker who enjoys being mobile so you can work from different locations and believe in flexible working as it allows you to be productive. Yet every time you manage to secure yourself a meeting room often it feels like you have walked into a blank space which can definitely do better with a little more hint of technology.

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SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators List

For just over ten years now, Systems Contractor News has compiled a year-end list of the country’s top fifty systems integrators. The annual survey gives readers the opportunity to zoom out and observe the landscape of the audiovisual industry, with the top half of the list generally consisting of familiar names and the bottom half of the list featuring a who’s-who of newer arrivals. Taken as a whole, SCN’s rundown gives us a glimpse at the evolution of the industry until now and how it might develop in the year to come.
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get the most out of your collaboration



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Manage Office Conflicts with Video Conferencing

Although remote workers mostly avoid the day-to-day friction that inevitably arises in an office environment, we need only look at the heated exchanges on social media sites for proof that the virtual realm can be just as fraught with conflict and tension. Remote workers might not be having arguments about who forgot to clean the coffee machine in the office lounge, but disagreements are bound to arise when people work for the same organization, no matter where they happen to have their desk. In fact, work relationships mediated by screens are especially delicate and vulnerable: when you don’t have to see someone every day, you might be more likely to ignore a problem or grow more frustrated as time passes.
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3 tips: Choosing The Right Video Solution

It used to be so simple: video conferencing systems were isolated tools, separate from telephones and messaging and other UC solutions. That’s just not the case anymore. Today, video conferencing is just one cog in a vast and interconnected system of communication and collaboration methods, and access to video now resides in every tablet, every phone, every desktop screen.
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All Together Now: Polycom RealConnect for Skype For Business

Last November, when Lync morphed into the robust conferencing and collaboration solution Skype for Business, we wrote a brief introduction to S4B and offered up a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of the all-in-one virtual meeting space. But we neglected to mention something incredibly important. Because, well, it didn’t exist yet. But it does now: with Polycom RealConnect for Skype for Business, your existing video environments can be seamlessly integrated with Skype for Business to create a video solution accessible to everyone.
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