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Introducing Polycom Pano –A New Way To Share

Polycom has long excelled at innovating versatile and intuitive video conferencing and telepresence solutions that facilitate easy connection and fruitful collaboration. Polycom Desktop Solutions give on-site and remote workers alike a clear path toward productivity through conferencing, collaboration and content sharing.

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Video conferencing solutions by industry

It’s pretty difficult to think of an industry that can’t be radically transformed by video conferencing and telepresence solutions. Think of a company or organization and we can tell you how it would become more efficient and profitable with video technology. Daycare? How about a video feed for parents at work. Construction? Workers on-site can stream vital visuals to the higher-ups at the office. Fast food? Employees can be trained via video. We could go on and on. But for now, let’s take a look at four businesses and how they use video/collaboration solutions.

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Why AV-Over-IP Solutions Make Sense

When all is said and done--when you’ve sorted through the seemingly infinite array of fancy features offered by the myriad video conferencing and collaboration solutions out there--what you want and need will boil down to something very simple: you will want a video conferencing and collaboration solution that offers flexibility and affordability without skimping on quality. And at this point, what that means is that you will want to consider an AV-over-IP solution. So let’s take a quick look at why this is the way to go in 2017.

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Trendwatch: The Cloud And Small Meeting Rooms Are In

Keeping tabs on tech trends can feel like trudging through shifting sand: with every step you take, the landscape seems to transform completely, radically altering your perceptions of the world on a seemingly second-by-second basis. It’s helpful, then, to have an aerial view of the terrain. A recent survey conducted by Nemertes Research offers just such a snapshot of the state of the video conferencing world in 2017.

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Staying Ahead in the Digital World

We have not and will stop banging the drum for digital transformation. The irreversible business revolution spurned by digital innovation is an undeniable fact. A recent survey conducted by Gartner found that 50% of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or even unrecognizably transformed by digital technology. The people in charge see the writing on the wall. We have reached a tipping point.

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Revolutionizing Collaboration With Cisco Spark

Plenty of solutions hold out the promise of an all-in-one conferencing and collaboration experience, but there is perhaps nothing on the market quite as intuitive and streamlined as the recently unveiled Cisco Spark Board, a touch-based collaboration solution that combines all of the tools you need in one sleek device.

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Escape Your Inbox With Video Conferencing

The modern workplace would be unimaginable without email. It’s a convenient and simple way to communicate basic information to co-workers, employees and customers, but there are limits to email’s effectiveness. Have you ever tried to conduct a brainstorming session via email? Or taken action items into the realm of text-based communication? Such conversations become a morass of competing voices, and as a result, meaning is lost in a volley of words.

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The Power Of Immersive Collaboration

When you think about “immersive solutions,” you probably imagine a huge multi-screen array that combines high def video and surround sound audio to produce a convincing facsmile of a “real life” meeting. Such immersive telepresence solutions are crucial for conferences and meetings attended by top-level execs and board members--it’s the video equivalent of that well-appointed upper floor office where big decisions are made and blockbuster deals are brokered.

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Tips And Tricks For Keeping People Engaged in Meetings

Company-wide meetings are among the most challenging gatherings to wrangle. Unlike smaller conferences and meetings, a town hall-style meeting--wherein the name of the game is speechifying instead of conversing--is shot through with pitfalls for organizers and speakers. It is just exceedingly difficult to hold the attention of a large group of people whose main role is listening. But there are a few things you can do to ensure such occasions don't leave people feeling tired and bored and unappreciated.

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Five Key Questions To Ask While Shopping For a Video Conferencing Solution

It can be overwhelming to even begin to think about purchasing a video conferencing and collaboration solution. No matter how up-to-speed your IT department and generous your budget, you will find yourself lost and flailing in a tornado of jargon and sales pitches if you don't know which questions to ask of both yourself and the person intent on selling you a video conferencing solution. Use the following five questions to light your way through the process.

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