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Did you know, the U.S. federal government offers billions of dollars in grant funding to government agencies, schools, healthcare organizations, and several public entities to improve procedures and delivery of services to our communities? Countless funding sources are devoted to outreach and services that request distance learning and telemedicine technologies. Solutionz Grant Program Services experts are dedicated to helping you discover those funding programs best suited for your video conferencing needs.

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Telehealth Coverage Extended for Military Service Members

Last week, President Obama signed a bill into law to extend the telehealth coverage for military service members as part of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act

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Grants Help Schools Afford Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is making its way in to schools not only with distance learning, but also with the use of telehealth solutions. Each year, the U.S. federal government awards billions of dollars in grant funding to schools, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and other public entities to improve operations and delivery of services to our communities.

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Five Ways to Manage Mobile Video Conferencing and Telehealth

mHealth stands for the provision of health-related services using mobile communication technology. As 2014 shifts into the mainstream of mobile video conferencing , healthcare providers will need to recognize and accept patient-provided data in a large-scale way. 

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The Convenience of Telemedicine


Patients who imagine getting high-tech medical attention without leaving the house, may be pleasantly surprised to learn about telemedicine.

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Is Affordability Stopping You from Using Telehealth?

There are several factors that can make the initial start-up cost for Telehealth seem daunting. However, new solutions are being conducted to help healthcare organizations find assistance. Your organization can provide added services to your community if your organization could implement a Telehealth program. 

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Telemedicine in the Navy

Telemedicine has recently been used as a resource of the military in a variety of different departments including education, training, and specialist referrals. Telemedicine has recently become even more important for intuitions like the military because the doctors and healthcare professionals are spread so thinly around the globe. With budget cuts the option to hire more military doctors and personnel is simply not an option.

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Telethearapy in The US Military

Soldiers in Afghanistan face difficult emotional situations on a daily basis with nowhere to turn except inwards. Social workers and psychologists are looking to turn these hardships into an opportunity to extend a helping hand through the marriage of video conferencing and therapy – teletherapy.

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Telepresence for Trauma Environments

A new study from the University of Miami reports successful use of telepresence in trauma settings by aiding with staff shortages in disaster scenarios. The use of a remote telepresence surgeon for trauma situations proves to be helpful by having extra professional opinions and diagnosis.

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Telemedicine Around The World

Telemedicine is saving lives around the world. From Ireland to India, telemedicine is helping doctors, patients and whole communities live longer healthier lives.

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Interactive Healthcare Website

Today we launch our new Interactive Healthcare site! Check it out to view use cases, products, and services for your telehealth needs! 

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Telehealth Adoption in Your Healthcare Field

When looking to adopt a telehealth program for a hospital or clinic, there are many choices in each of the necessary components: equipment, service, and technology. What options each organization chooses should be based off of their needs and their existing and future role. The best way to do this is with a “telehealth needs assessment” which will take into consideration the organizations ability to meet changing demographics.

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Telehealth in Elder Care

Many elder care facilities are looking to telehealth to assist in areas where they are coming up short or could use more help. Typically, the need for telehealth stems from remote living conditions (35% of elder care populations are in isolated counties), physician shortages, underserved communities, and wanting to facilitate healthcare without third party payers. However, the main goal of implementing telehealth solutions is to provide the best experience and community for residents.

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Telemedicine Benefits Rural Areas

Telemedicine, the use of video conferencing in healthcare, allows better care for those located in remote locations or have mobility issues. Specialist monitoring their patients from a remote hospital saves time, money and resources, and most of all is convenient.

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Become an Expert at Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is becoming necessary for everyone from telemedicine patients in remote locations, to school children in low-enrollment classes. Video conferencing can seem daunting for many people for those who have never been on a video chat, it can seem scary, confusing and even more of a hassle than traveling to a face-to-face meeting. For those who seldom attend video conferences, it can be just as confusing (“I swear this worked last time!”). For someone hosting a video conference, those feelings can be even more extreme. But not to fear, here are a few tips to help you feel confident while hosting your own video conference.

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Why Video Conferencing Solutions for Healthcare Make Sense

Maximizing productivity while reducing costs is just the beginning of what video conferencing solutions deliver to the healthcare industry.  Health care environments thrive when real-time interactive communication is improved which also elevates the quality of healthcare.

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Cisco Survey Reveals Importance of Telepresence for Healthcare

Leaders in global health were surveyed to determine key players in heath sector innovation.  It is no surprise that information-sharing and collaboration showed the greatest potential for achieving immense innovation for the health sector.  Telepresence and HD video conferencing often are the best and only tools to facilitate life-like collaboration and real-time information sharing. 

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