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Telemedicine Around The World

Posted by Chessie Skates on Apr 9, 2013 9:17:00 AM

Telemedicine is saving lives around the world. From Ireland to India, telemedicine is helping doctors, patients and whole communities live longer healthier lives.

In Silvassa, one 10-year old girl who was complaining of heart palpitations and labored breathing was unable to see a specialist. She was directed to a telemedicine center which was associated with a hospital in Mumbai where she was able to examined and diagnosed with a hole in her heart.
In Anna Nagar, a telemedicine room has been set up at the local Schizophrenia Research Foundation center. Here, a telemedicine solution has been implemented a year ago allowing psychiatrists to talk to patients in remote villages via a mobile tele-psychiatry service.

For doctors and healthcare professionals in Africa, one of the biggest challenges is staying connected with technology and other doctors. Operating in rural areas can be difficult for these reasons. Telemedicine resources are currently located in 50 hospitals in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania (with plans to integrate even more). This technology allows doctors in African countries share x-rays and pictures via teleradiology with specialists to give accurate diagnosis.

200 babies each year are born with heart disease in Northern Ireland. A telehealth program at the Royal Belfast Hospital has been set up that allows doctors to communicate with other doctors, hospitals, and clinics in the region. If pediatrician in a hospital miles from Belfast needs a specialist from the Royal Hospital, they can scan the baby’s heart, transmit this via video conference, and receive an expert opinion from these images to make the most accurate diagnosis. This new technology is so important because it is critical to get a diagnosis within the first two days when dealing with a child’s heart condition.

A new telecardiology service assists an Italian community with 4 million residents by simultaneously directing patients with a cardiovascular emergency to hospitals faster, and also keeping those with “false alarms” out of hospitals. This frees staff to help critical individuals, thus improving healthcare by increasing response time.

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