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Cisco Survey Reveals Importance of Telepresence for Healthcare

Posted by Chessie Skates on Apr 8, 2011 1:28:00 PM

Leaders in global health were surveyed to determine key players in heath sector innovation.  It is no surprise that information-sharing and collaboration showed the greatest potential for achieving immense innovation for the health sector.  Telepresence and HD video conferencing often are the best and only tools to facilitate life-like collaboration and real-time information sharing. 

Key Findings were determined by surveying health leaders from all over the world.

Health leaders top concerns included:

  • Equitable access available for health services
  • More efficient health resources
  • Consistent delivery of quality care 

To transform heath nationwide the surveyed respondents identified telehealth solutions and technology-enabled innovations as likely breakthroughs.  “Telehealth” refers to new ways for healthcare professionals to work collaboratively, deliver services, and share information through technology such as video conferencing and telepresence.

Important Quotes:

Frances Dare, director, Cisco IBSG Global Healthcare Practice

"The potential for global health transformation remains untapped. These findings tell us that unlocking that potential requires efficient collaboration among health professionals, regardless of time and distance. It's about connecting the people of health care. Unleashing and disseminating professional expertise must become a national priority."

Kaveh Safavi, vice president, Cisco IBSG Global Healthcare Practice

"When health care leaders talk about the promise of telehealth, they are thinking more about professional-to-professional collaboration than they are about direct patient diagnosis and treatment, at least in the near term."

Mary McIntosh, principal and president, Princeton Survey Research Associates International

"This survey breaks new ground on a global level about what health leaders believe will help drive meaningful change in national health service. Having a macro view of the ICT challenges and opportunities that health leaders face focuses attention on a host of ways to advance health service for publics around the world."

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