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Blue Jeans Release Version 2.6

Have you seen the new features and functionality Blue Jeans has added to make your video conferencing experience even better?  They have released, Version 2.6, which will allow features such as, Meeting Recording and Large-Capacity Meetings.

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Video Conferencing For Better Healthcare

 Accessing quality healthcare can be a nightmarish ordeal of bureaucratic wrangling, long distance drives, interminable delays, packed waiting rooms, rushed care and outrageous bills. But things don’t have to be that way. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for this incredibly complex problem, but with the help of video conferencing solutions, healthcare providers are finding new ways to provide reliable and timely care to the people who need it.

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Save It For Later: Recording Solutions


Implementing a comprehensive video conferencing solution is probably the most important thing a company can do to foster connection and flexibility in a workplace increasingly defined by distance and mobility, but there are times when a video link just isn’t enough. The ability to capture, record and edit video can extend your reach to employees and potential clients alike, by making vital content available to the people who need it, whenever they want it. With innovative recording solutions like Lifesize Cloud Amplify, Cisco Telepresence Recording Server and the Polycom RealPresence Media Suite, you’re just a few clicks away from producing videos that can be viewed on demand. What follows are just a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy once you start archiving recorded content.

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Topics: lifesize cloud, Meeting Recordings, recording and streaming, polycom media suite


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