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Imagine a business platform that provides organizations with the evidence needed to measure, manage, and improve their cybersecurity effectiveness. Verodin provides organizations with quantifiable evidence that the controls safeguarding their critical assets are effective and remain in that state. 


Today, cybersecurity is based on assumptions. Verodin is mission-driven to help organizations remove assumptions and prove cybersecurity effectiveness with evidence-based data. Verodin’s Security Instrumentation Platform (SIP) enables customers to continuously validate that their cybersecurity controls are fully protecting their business-critical assets. Verodin has a global customer base spanning all major verticals, and is backed by world-class investors and advisors.

Product Features

  • Controls Effectiveness:
    • Don’t assume your controls are correctly configured. On average, organizations block as little as 25% of attacks, often due to basic misconfigurations.
    • Verodin validates controls effectiveness and configuration assurance with actionable, prescriptive reporting.
  • Optimize And Rationalize:
    • Deployed Controls are often underutilized by as much as 80% due to weak out-of-the-box configurations and a lack of resources to tune.
    • Verodin enables organizations to optimize controls and provides visibility into true gaps and overlap.
  • Environmental Drift Detection:
    • Business environments are dynamic. Continual changes to IT and network cause “environmental drift” – the silent killer of security effectiveness for years.
    • Leverage Verodin to quickly detect and alert on environmental drift.
  • Understanding Cyber Risk:
    • Approaches that rely on assumptions derived from vulnerability and threat intel data are flawed at best and misleading at worst.
    • It’s not about “cyber risk” – it’s about the business and financial risk from cyber.




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