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Solutionz S.C.U.D. (System, Code, User, Data) Cybersecurity Services

Whether your organization is starting from scratch or has a robust protection mechanism; S.C.U.D.(System, Code, User, Data) will support the advancement of a proactive cyber defense. Solutionz can provide the direction needed for success with its S.C.U.D. Platform. When looking for a trusted adviser, look no further.


Enterprise cyber defense is strategic and tactical. Correct cyber hygiene is exhausting for the inexperienced.Creating a trusted relationship with a battle-tested solution partner is paramount in this active threat environment. High level scanning is not good enough in this day and age – threats are more sophisticated. The protection of an organizations most valuable assets is a persistent effort that must be managed daily. Coordinating the protection and proper use of data, user access, system performance, and clean code deployment is critical. Helping clients explore realistic possibilities that are achievable in today’s world. This platform makes the impossible – possible.


  • Make Informed Decisions: Through Performance Reporting and Advance Proprietary Analytics, your decisions become easier and clearer.
  • Stay On Your Toes:  Our solutions are proactive and forward leaning so you can stay a step ahead of malicious attackers.
  • Back It Up: With fully documented processes and procedures, this ATOed system will be ready for anything.
  • Make Your Boss Look Good: Derive business and system intelligence from transparent and great visibility into your system.
  • Have No Fear: Always be prepared for an internal or external audit, armed with current and historical health data.

More Information

  • System Level: Combine code security, compliance, performance reporting, threat mitigation, and attack vector monitoring with firmware validation; you have confidence, visibility, and security.
  • Policy Level: See the Procedures, Standards, and Accountability created and implemented in support of your organizations cyber health.
  • Control Level: Have insight and decision-making capability every step of the way with the most up-to-date and valued intelligence available.


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We’re here to help get you the greatest level of protection and a highest ROI for your CyberSecurity investments. Contact us today to get the solution that meets your needs.

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