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Nucleaus Code Repository Scanning

Nucleaus™ offers a consistent platform process with minimal learning curve, simple to use interface, remediation strategy reports and NIST conformance status, enabling transparency and risk management to code repositories.


Nucleaus continuously monitors code repositories and reports back vulnerabilities and dependencies before that code causes risks. With Nucleaus, we can find all the locations where your code is making your system vulnerable for code base attack. We can offer direction on how to correct this issue and make your code more secure. We then extend this coverage by continuously scanning your repository for any new or changes in the security status of that code.

Whether your organization is using GitHub public or has a private code repository, this protection mechanism meets all your needs. The product helps support your engineers and software developers with the most secure and strongest code on the planet to facilitate your system needs.

Product Highlights

  • Create the Best Code for Your System: Nucleaus quickly and easily demonstrates where, what, and how your code has been compromised. It also delivers impactful and swift mitigations for the compromises identified.
  • Make Informed Decisions: With one console an organization can make informed decision about web application security and all their code base health needs.
  • Stay on Your Toes: Developers are not overwhelmed with emails about backlogs and workflow.
  • Keep It Clean: With identification of each and every line of code that impacted with the compromise; your organization will be able to go directly to the issue and correct it. Time is limited, so we have made this process and fast and accurate as possible.
  • Make Your Boss Look Good: With stronger code, your system will experience less events. Your ability to strive forward will be greatly increased.
  • Have No Fear: With our continuous monitoring capability, you will always be aware and always have all the answer

Security FAQs

Will Nucleaus copy my code repositories or software repositories?
No, the scanner will never copy your code.

Can Nucleaus make changes to my code?
Nucleaus cannot make changes to your code. Its role is solely to suggest remediation strategies to fix vulnerabilities and dependencies in your code base.

How long does Nucleaus keep my code?
Nucleaus will NEVER “keep” your code, Nucleaus will only take the results of your scans - just summary information and the store is encrypted. If you cancel your account, Nucleaus will keep your configuration and summary information for fourteen (14) days before it deletes your scan results.

How do I know my data is safe?
Security is very important. Nucleaus code base, like yours, is constantly scanned for vulnerabilities, dependencies and bugs. Our development team is constantly working on hardening the platform as we speak.

Do you ever see my code?
No, we do not ever see your code.



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