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Patented, Military-Grade Cybersecurity  Powered by Cyvision

CyVision is attack vector monitoring & firmware compliance validation software that is cost-effective, nimble, adaptable. It is an automated network visualization and modeling tool that helps system administrators manage endpoints proactively defend their cyber-environments from a wide variety of attacks in a way no other tool does, utilizing open and agnostic architecture.


Strong cyber defense begins with knowing your current attack plane. In this process, if you can determine if your firmware with its components have been compromised or are in danger of being compromised; your ability to create a cornerstone in your system exponentially raises. Having a weak first building block will cause more work in the future, increase vulnerabilities, and cause your risk equation to be higher. Our Attack Vector Monitoring and Firmware Scanning jumpstarts each client’s awareness, ability to prepare, and ability to protect.

Product Features

  • Visualize: A next generation predictive tool for information security that provides a command view of your network, so you can quickly identify and assess vulnerabilities.
  • Automate Assessments: Automatically analyzes raw security data and turns it into a visual roadmap. This near-real-time assessment and modeling of network architecture coupled with weighted vulnerabilities allows the user to cost-effectively prioritize remediation efforts.
  • Prioritize: Prioritize remediation efforts for HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ISO 27001, Cybersecurity Framework and other regulatory (or best practice) compliance.
  • Deploy: Provides the resources you need to deploy solutions to mitigate the most significant threats, and fortify your network, preventing costly attacks and PR nightmares in a way never before possible.


How it Works

  • Preface: The solution is a RAM-based, portable software application that can run on any network with no implementation cost.
  • Data sources: The platform analyzes ACL data, Log Data and Scan data, three types of cybersecurity data common to all networks, without the need for APIs, Scripting, or BAT file automation, regardless of the hardware infrastructure.
  • Output: Once network data is ingested, the program generates a combined view of the vulnerabilities, allowing users to visually prioritize assets using drag + drop graphical user interface.
  • Remediation: Remediation approaches are: standard CVSS priority, threat path based on host-to-host analysis, or threat path based on connection-to-connection analysis. While the CVSS approach is traditional, the threat path options provide remediation based on priority, and a better understanding of the context of your cyber environment.


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