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Solutionz, Inc. Launched A Cloud-Based Student ID System

Posted by Molly Malone on May 30, 2023 10:38:48 AM

Solutionz, Inc. Announces the Launch of CardsOnline MyCloud, a Cloud-Based Student ID System for K-12 Education

The cloud-based student ID system is designed to help schools create, track, and monitor data while ensuring the safety of campuses throughout their regions in California, Arizona, and Nevada.


PACIFIC PALISADES, CA - MAY 30, 2023 Today, Solutionz, Inc. launched its latest K-12 product, MyCloud Student ID. The cloud-based student ID system is designed to help schools create, track, and monitor data while ensuring the safety of campuses throughout their regions in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The photo ID system and software solution was built just for schools by Precision Business Machines (PBM) and ScreenCheck in 2009 and can streamline the production and operations of student ID cards across multiple campus locations.

The cloud-based technology features: 

  • Authorized Remote Users

Authorized users can create ID Cards and manage the necessary tools and permissions from anywhere, making tasks easy to perform. 

  • Custom Card Layouts

Upload a design or start from scratch with all the tools needed to bring the school's vision to life. 

  • Role, Card, and Data Management Capabilities 

Choose from default admin roles, create new ones, and easily monitor your cards and data.  

  • Photo and Data Storage

Capture and store photos using the built-in webcam, upload an image, or use the IntelliTWAIN capture software. 

  • Smart Device Compatibilities 

Design and manage cards on all devices. 

  • Supported Languages

English, Spanish, French, German, Swedish, and Dutch

As reliable identification solutions become increasingly necessary, technology that is easy for users to manage has the potential to revolutionize school districts by promoting safer campuses with efficient ID card systems. 

PBM recognized the need for an improved student badging system and partnered with ScreenCheck to create CardsOnline MyCloud. Their research resulted in developing the MyCloud Student ID System for education, which is effortless to use, lightning-fast, and easily accessible.

“As a father and a business owner, I firmly believe that thriving schools can transform the world. Said Matt Tumelson, President of Precision Business Machines. “It is our responsibility to safeguard classrooms in America. Implementing ID badges is a significant step towards this larger goal, and we are here to make a massive impact.”

The innovative technology of the Precision Photo ID Printer Line provides fast and long-lasting results. Schools and districts across the country can choose to buy the printer individually or as part of a bundle that includes blank ID cards, lanyards, and cloud-based card management software.

The subscription for MyCloud Student ID is cost-effective for a single campus, department, or entire district. This allows schools to stay up-to-date with the latest software and updates without the need for expensive server infrastructure or IT expertise.

Users can secure access to the online software, where they can connect their webcam or digital camera to snap student photos and print ID badges from the cloud. The mobile-friendly platform is fully compatible with any student information system, allowing secure authorization to access all their data anywhere. With MyCloud, educators can seamlessly keep track of class schedules, extracurricular activities, transportation routes, medical information, and other customizable information. 

To learn more about CardsOnline, please contact us today.

About Solutionz:

Solutionz, Inc. has delivered reliable, comprehensive, and best-in-class audio-visual systems to businesses across North America for over two decades. From the initial consultation to installation, grant advocacy to technical support, and post-installation service, Solutionz is renowned by industry experts as a leading AV Integrator. With a focus on organic growth and strategic acquisitions, Solutionz can expand its offerings to Fortune 500 companies, law offices, healthcare providers, government agencies, educational institutions, and beyond. For more information, visit: www.solutionzinc.com.

About Precision Business Machines

Precision Business Machines has been a trusted partner in the education sector for over three decades, providing top-tier technological solutions to schools across Texas. The company firmly believes that a flourishing educational institution can significantly impact society, and they are driven by the passion for empowering educators with the tools they need to keep students engaged in the classroom and safe on campus. Their focus on inclusivity ensures that every student, regardless of their learning style, background, or ability, has equal opportunities to learn, excel, and positively impact their community. For more information, visit www.pbminc.com


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