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Solutionz Ranks 6TH on SCN's 2019 Top Integrators

Posted by Ashley Jones on Dec 4, 2019 8:33:00 AM

As they do every year around this time,  industry experts over at System Contractor News have just released their Top Fifty System Integrators awards, and we are pleased to announce that Solutionz ranked 6th.

Solutionz placed 7th in last year’s survey, with $100M in systems installations revenue and $105M in overall revenue. This year, that number increased to $140M, enough to move us up to the cusp of the top five, and we are feeling pretty darn good about that placement.

SCN’s annual report is based on a few key measurements of each company’s size and market reach in the prior year. In 2018, Solutionz completed 2,152 installations (up from 1,950 in 2017) and carried a staff of 440 employees (up from 308 last year). Not bad!

Taken as a whole, it offers a widescreen view of the AV integration space and future trends for the marketplace. We could parse the numbers and rankings all day, but the short version should be sufficient: the industry continues to grow in size and increase in complexity, and each year Solutionz navigates that shifting terrain by remaining alert to the present and prepared for the future.

As Solutionz CEO Bill Warnick said in a recent interview with Commercial Integrator: “If we keep going the route we’re going, if we keep growing through a combination of acquisition and organic growth, and we keep our eye on the ball and keep moving forward, we’ll be #1 in this industry.”

The secret to our success? Looking beyond the now in order to ensure future stability and health.

“We’re here to stay in business long-term," Warnick said. "We don’t manage things quarter to quarter. It’s not a make-or-break month. That’s important to health of the business and the sanity of the employees."

We’d like to extend a hearty and heartfelt thank you to SCN for including Solutionz on their list again this year. We are looking forward to a new year defined by growth, development and adaptation. Keep your eyes on us.

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