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Keeping up with tech developments can feel like an impossible task. It seems like some new innovation is unveiled every other day. It is tempting to throw up one’s hands and ditch the tech news cycle altogether, because the reward for keeping tabs on new developments is too often a feeling of futility and frustration. What’s the point of investing in new solutions if they are supplanted by brighter and bigger and better ones within months? One must strike a careful balance between the past and the future, between the technology that has been working for you and the newfangled solutions that will be necessary moving forward. Finding this balance can be tricky. So let’s take a look at a few of the more glaring signs that it is time for you to upgrade the gear in your conference room.


Nothing says “we are totally out of the loop” like a dated screen. You might be able to get away with lagging on other updates, but if the screens in your conference rooms don’t at least match the clarity and crispness of the screens your clients and employees have at home, you are in dire need of a makeover. Modern-day displays go beyond remarkable image quality--they also offer interactive features that allow you to turn your meetings into full-scale multimedia collaboration sessions. The people you work with (and for) will expect such accommodations. Make it happen.


Yes, you can get by with a single microphone placed in the center of the conference table. But for video conferences with more than a few participants, you’ll have people leaning over their colleagues or raising their voices to make themselves heard. Such a free-for-all won’t exactly inspire confidence in the clients on the other side of that video call. Investing in additional microphones will allow everyone in your conference room to speak naturally and calmly. You don’t want your interlocutors distracted by a clamor that will detract from your message.


Next to an ancient projector screen with coffee stains and tears, the best way to make an awful first impression is to have a lax attitude about wire and cable management. It’s rather difficult to strike a professional pose when there are speaker cables and extension cords all over your conference room. The impression will be more “dorm room” than “place of business.” Newer A/V solutions require far fewer cables then older technology, so updating your machines will take care of much of the mess. To manage the unsightly cables that remain, investing in furniture specifically designed to house wires and cables is a surefire solution.

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