Keep Your Cool with AV and UC Services Backing You Up

Solutionz’s Prime Call Services add value to your Audio Visual and Unified Communications investments with greater reliability, productivity, and ROI. 

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Video Conferencing in Education


Video conferencing has changed the ways of traditional education. The popularity of 21st century schools continues to rise, despite budget cuts and less educational funding. Video conferencing allows students to take virtual field trips, collaborate with students in different locations, and increases learning opportunities without restrictions of time, money and transportation. By utilizing video conferencingschools are expanding the depths of education. With video conferencing, students are capable of:

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Tailored-Fit TelePresence by TANDBERG

An unprecedented fashion designer like Tommy Hilfiger not only makes sure that his fashion designs are cutting edge, but also his technology. Video conferencing and telepresence are the new waves of communication, and many industries are using it as another creative outlet -in this case a "virtual runway." Fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger are using these "virtual runways" to improve cohesive creative concepts, but also minimizing travel time and costs. The TANDBERG T3 Custom Edition provides the catwalk experience in any office, at any time. Integrative telepresence allows face-to-face interaction from patterns to production without ever leaving the office. The TANDBERG T3 Custom Edition makes immersive telepresence tailored-fit to any industry.

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New iPhone with Video Conferencing?

If you don't live under a rock, then you've heard the latest buzz about the leaked iPhone 4G, not to mention the poor sap that left the phone at a bar. The costly mistake resulted in the dissection of the prototype disguised to look like the iPhone 3GS.  The news spread like wildfire across the internet, and gadget geeks all around the world are bursting with excitement.

So what's the big deal about the new iPhone? Isn't it just like all the other iPhones, just a bit re-vamped with a bigger price tag? Maybe. Yet, there is one significant difference.  It's been speculated that the newest iPhone has video conferencing capabilities.

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Video Conferencing: Telejustice at Work

Throughout America's justice system, agencies at all levels face ever-shrinking budgets, even as caseloads continue to rise. Yet inherent process inefficiencies - and an institutional reliance on in-person communication - make it difficult for administrators to trim expenses without sacrificing levels of service and security or risking compromises in due process.

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Video Conferencing: Half the Bandwidth, Half the Cost

Want to save on your bandwidth costs but don't think you can with your video conferencing needs? Now with Polycom's breakthrough H.264 High Profile in Polycom high definition (HDX) room telepresence solutions, you can! High Profile enables network resources to be dramatically reduced for all video-enabled organizations. It allows Chief Information Officers to power video communication with fewer resources while simultaneously meeting their budget challenge constraints. With this revolutionary breakthrough, Polycom Video Conferencing deployments can now be more cost effective, increase efficiency, achieve greater quality, accelerate ROI, and be extended to a greater number of sites than ever before.

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