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IT Directors Work with One Audio Visual Integrator

Posted by Molly Malone on Dec 14, 2021 8:05:30 AM

Craig had been Director of IT for two years when he realized that he had to fix the time-consuming bottleneck in his department.

The national consulting firm where he worked needed more and more of his team’s time addressing emergencies caused by aging videoconferencing equipment. Executives and others were upset when their meetings were delayed or interrupted by systems not working properly and they were holding his team accountable. Craig was in the middle of migrating the entire company to a new CRM software, but the audio visual equipment was pulling his team off track and their deadline for completion was looming.

Budgets were set for the year so replacing the old equipment wasn’t an option until the following year at the earliest. In the meantime, he had to develop a plan to turn the corner on videoconferencing success. Craig met with an Account Executive from Solutionz to discuss future technology plans and was very surprised to learn of the immediate relief that Solutionz could provide in addition to long-term planning.

Once the emergency was addressed, Craig met with the Solutionz Account Executive to create a standardization plan for equipment management and room designs. As partners, Craig and Solutionz determined standard specifications for each type of collaborative system the company needs. Timelines were developed for replacing old equipment, building out new Huddle Spaces (that were fast becoming an urgent need), and installing systems in new conference rooms. By creating a standard for videoconferencing systems and interactive displays for conference rooms and huddle spaces, Craig could streamline the budgeting and planning for current infrastructure and for future company expansion into new offices. In the future, when Craig gets informed that a new office will open, he will contact Solutionz knowing that the process of AV design and installation will be simplified, including site surveys, quotes, billing, and maintenance services.

Because Solutionz covers equipment regardless of where it was purchased, Craig saw the incredible money saving potential offered with a three-year Prime Call Integrated Maintenance Plan; under the plan, Solutionz repairs broken equipment without a series of expensive one-off repair bills. Having this Integrated Maintenance plan in place means that Craig can control costs and easily budget for maintenance and repairs.

Having one team design, install and service audio visual systems brings operational efficiencies. Craig trusts his relationship with Solutionz the more they work together; his responsibilities around AV are being addressed and managed in the present and well into the future, leaving him more time to achieve his goals.

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