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How To Create A Company Culture Of Collaboration

Posted by Annelise Fasnacht on Dec 13, 2018 8:31:00 AM

 You want your company to have industrious collaborators and innovative wiz kids, but to have a company like this you have to work for it. You have to create the conditions for such a culture to take root. Let’s look at the three most crucial ingredients for a company intent on improving collaboration and communication.

Recruit The Right People

Lasting growth and consistent innovation will remain an unobtainable dream unless you populate your company with employees who are on board with collaboration models and communication practices that engender accountability and productivity. Keep this in the front of your mind when you are recruiting and interviewing potential employees. You are looking for the best and the brightest, of course, but past triumphs listed on a résumé aren’t necessarily an accurate indicator that someone will excel in your company. If you are committed to creating a company culture powered by collaboration, you must be sure to put together a team that will work well together.

Diversify Your Collaboration Solutions

You want to give your employees (and your company) every possible opportunity to succeed. Which means providing as many communication and collaboration tools as you can. With a mobile conferencing solution like Cisco Spark, your team members can share content, collaborate in chat rooms and connect via video. And don’t forget: telephones have become multimedia hubs in their own right, and some people even like to use them to talk to each other. Not every communication strategy is going to work for everyone all the time. People aren’t built like that. And your collaboration strategy should keep this diversity in mind.

Keep Communication Moving In All Directions

If you are truly committed to the idea of a company fueled by collaboration, to the development of an organization that evolves over time, you must give your employees enough freedom to innovate. Empower your employees, give them room to roam. That is how great ideas come to life. They will know more than you sometimes. Be humble, let your company become a living thing that is not entirely under your control at all times. It will only make your organization stronger.

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