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Opening doors for new ways to work together brings fresh energy to teams reliant on sharing information and ideas. Interactive whiteboards bring a tremendous opportunity to take collaborations to the next level. Whether brainstorming internally or presenting externally, the features of interactive displays have evolved to become powerful tools for communicating using a host of media options.  

The top four features of interactive displays each come with valuable benefits for team productivity.  

With the option of using a stylus or a finger, the ability to navigate and make annotations makes interactive whiteboard touch screens intuitive and simple to use. Keep conversations focused and moving forward with unlimited ability to write notes, draw pictures, move items around on the board, or navigate to other pages.  

Increase group engagement and results with integrated access to muti-media content like videos, webpages, and apps. Connected interactive whiteboards share content beyond static presentations enabling conversations and brainstorming sessions to pull in information from a variety of sources without stopping to redirect attention to other platforms.   

With software to connect networked computers and all-in-one videoconferencing capabilities, remote participation empowers users to interact with whiteboards from anywhere. Anyone in a meeting can cast documents, pictures, schematics, or any other type of content and all participants can mark it up in real-time, regardless of location. Team collaboration without geographical boundaries equalizes team members by allowing everyone to actively contribute.  

Cloud-based file management allows saving, storing and sharing all documents from a meeting, including the handwritten annotations! Because everyone has access to the same document, team members can pick up where they left off and continue to collaborate on a project without losing precious shared notes. 

A bit of technical information. Interactive whiteboards come in a range of sizes from smaller 30” to almost 90” displays. Different mounting options make interactive whiteboards even more versatile; boards to be permanently installed on walls or mounted on carts for mobility and greater accessibility.  

The total cost of ownership is reduced by numerous factors including limited training needed to get started, the efficiencies gained with group file management, the travel costs that can be eliminated through remote participation, and the simplicity of deployment and maintenance.   

A culture of collaboration and inclusivity fostered through interactive whiteboards is the intangible benefit. Cultivating empowered conversations by people, regardless of location, brings team dynamics to the next level and extends possibilities for innovative breakthroughs.  

If you would like to learn more about interactive whiteboards and how they can benefit your organization, contact Solutionz. Solutionz is a trusted technology partner with decades of experience empowering organizations doing their best work. 


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