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Whether you're looking to dispense legacy infrastructure or upgrade, we've got you covered! Unite your networks, scale to tens of thousands of users, and manage and provision your solutions with network solutions.

Distributed Media Application (DMA)

The Polycom RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA) is a network-based application for managing & distributing calls across collaboration networks. 

Prime Call Cloud UC

Connect any hardware H.323/SIP endpoint to the cloud with infrastructure as a service – removing the needs and costs associated with traditional infrastructure. 

RealPresence Access Director

Record, stream, and manage presentations, lectures and corporate trainings in professional multimedia quality with Polycom's RealPresence Access Director.

Cisco Expressway Series

In today's globalized world, Cisco's Expressway Series provides firewall-traversal technology to help redefine traditional enterprise collaboration boundaries. 

Cisco Communication Server (VCS)

Record and stream high-quality video and content for live and on-demand access across your entire network with Cisco's TelePresence Communication Server (VCS). 

Cisco Advanced Media Gateway

Create and deliver high-quality video for compelling internal or external multimedia communications, such as organizational updates, training, or crisis management.


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