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Enhancing Efficiency and Connectivity: A Comprehensive AV Solution for Sunbelt Rentals

The Client

Sunbelt Rentals is a leader in the tool and equipment rental industry. With more than 20,000 employees, 1,250 locations, a diversified fleet, and over 40 years of experience helping businesses and homeowners across North America with projects from construction to landscaping to special events. Sunbelt Rentals provides a budget-friendly rental solution that eliminates the upfront cost of equipment purchases, providing increased flexibility and the newest models of equipment for projects big and small.

Headquartered in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Sunbelt Rentals depends on a seamless connection to communicate, collaborate, and train employees, partners, and customers, both on-site and remotely. When Sunbelt Rentals designed their new headquarters, they decided to standardize the AV systems throughout their 60 conference rooms, 15 executive offices, and five training rooms to ensure a clean look and user-friendly experiences.

Sunbelt Rentals reached out to Solutionz with the goal of setting a standard for their AV systems. Solutionz provided the expertise needed to bring their vision to life.

hallway interactive flat panel viewsonic wayfinding


The Approach

Senior Collaboration Engineer, Mark Allegretti, wanted to set a standard for the AV systems in Sunbelt Rentals' ecosystem, creating a seamless plug-and-play experience for training employees, communicating externally with customers, and collaborating with their hybrid workforce.

Like many organizations, Sunbelt Rentals' previous videoconferencing setup was quickly improvised in 2020 when the pandemic made hybrid working a necessity. Mark explains, “Whatever camera we could get at the time, we put in our conference rooms. They were all different. The rooms were never utilized, and never set up how they should be.”

When asked about his goals for the new systems, Mark said he was looking for, “a seamless and consistent technology experience in each conference room.” He reached out to Solutionz with this goal in mind and our team’s expertise brought his vision to life!

The Solution

A customized solution created the standard for a consistent, user-friendly, experience throughout Sunbelt Rentals' headquarters, delivering versatility, functionality, and support.


Seven video walls were installed in Sunbelt Rentals' new building. A focal point is the 135” Nanolumens Directview LED wall flanked by two 86” Viewsonic interactive flat panels.

The spacious, bright spaces of the building let in ample light, making video walls an optimal choice over projectors. The bright high-definition screens have no trouble competing with the ambient light and produce a stunning visual for employees and visitors.

The custom Nanolumens video wall (pictured below) is incredibly versatile; its powerful processor allows the screen to be segmented into many different layouts, easily presenting any sized image that the Sunbelt Rentals team needs for their use cases.

custom nanolumens video wall versatile display 3
Conference room yealink biamp viewsonic nanolumens meeting equity-1
custom nanolumens video wall versatile display


To compliment the clean look of the training and conference rooms, Nanolumens Engage Series video walls were used for their super slim profiles. The cableless interconnects of the Engage Series also save time and money by allowing simple snap-in replacement of individual LED modules.

Paired with interactive Viewsonic displays and presenter monitors, Vaddio cameras, Sennheiser microphones, Biamp processors and speakers, Crestron control panels, and Yealink Teams appliances, the rooms are inviting spaces delivering engaging experiences for both presenters and audiences.

In Sunbelt Rentals' multiple conference rooms, as shown below, a standard hardware and software setup includes a Viewsonic display combined with Biamp speakers and microphones, and a Yealink Teams device. This seamless integration ensures a smooth and efficient experience for users throughout Sunbelt Rentals' ecosystem while simplifying troubleshooting for the IT team.

In their boardrooms, eight AI-enabled Crestron cameras and Sennheiser microphones work in harmony to pinpoint the speaker's location. These cameras track the speaker's movements, ensuring they stay in focus regardless of their position in the room, promoting a more inclusive, interactive, and productive environment.

These technology investments streamline the user experience and demonstrate Sunbelt Rentals' dedication to utilizing cutting-edge solutions to enhance communication and collaboration throughout their organization.


Solutionz works closely with Sunbelt Rentals to support and maintain the nearly one hundred rooms throughout their headquarters.

Certified professionals ensure the seamless operability of Sunbelt Rentals' collaboration and audiovisual technologies. Sunbelt Rentals' commitment to excellence matches their dedication to providing top-notch services, creating an environment where innovation thrives.

The Results

Mark shared that knowledge was the asset that set Solutionz apart from other AV integrators. He said, “Being able to work with Solutionz and the team that I work with makes my job a pleasure.” Since the project's completion, Mark’s team has been full of praise for the seamless functionality and reliability of the new rooms.

Creating and supporting collaboration spaces that are impressive, functional, and user-friendly is at the heart of what we do at Solutionz. Our team is proudly dedicated to the long-term success of Sunbelt Rentals.

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Sunbelt Rentals training room video wall confidence monitors meeting equity sennheiser viewsonic nanolumens
Training room 135 video wall AI cameras meeting equity sennheiser viewsonic nanolumens
video wall sennheiser confidence monitors training room viewsonic nanolumens
video wall sennheiser confidence monitors training room viewsonic nanolumens 2
sunbelt rentals viewsonic nanolumens video wall
sennheiser viewsonic nanolumens
hallway interactive viewsonic displays wayfinding
hallway interactive flat panel viewsonic wayfinding

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