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Polycom RealPresence One

Polycom RealPresence One unleashes the power of the RealPresence Platform combined with software endpoints and optimized services - all for a yearly subscription fee.



  • Increase agility – Easily spin-up and spin-down video capacity based on their organization’s changing needs
  • Increase resilience – Software provides better disaster recovery and easier backups for business continuity
  • Reduce deployment time – Software is quick and easy to deploy, especially for trials and proof-of-concepts. Purchase, download, and install within hours, vs. days with hardware appliances
  • Reduce total cost of ownership – Virtual appliances and applications use your IT resources more efficiently, supporting datacenter consolidation
  • Simplify management – Enjoy single-pane-of-glass visibility for all applications
  • Align with strategic IT policies – Add video infrastructure to existing virtualized data center

Product Features

  • Standard Connection:  VoIP, SVC up to 720p HD, AVC up to CIF
  • Universal Connection:  VoIP, SVC up to 720pHD, AVC up to 1080p/30 HD, transcoding, advanced layouts, TIP support

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