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Polycom RealPresence Web Suite

Polycom Web Suite is an innovative and powerful web collaboration solution with feature rich content sharing capabilities that bring new ideas to life while integrating easily with everyday workflows


  • Multi-stream content sharing enables multiple documents to be viewed simultaneously including whiteboard, blackboard, and annotation
  • Universal browser access allows users to host or join meetings, share content, and collaborate with other web, mobile, desktop, and room system participants
  • Simple click-to-connect convenience quickly brings participants into a meeting on a PC, tablet, or smartphone by clicking a URL link received in an IM, email, or calendar invitation
  • Host impromptu and scheduled meetings with people inside or outside your organization to collaborate and engage in daily business workflows
  • Roster control, muting, group chat, and in-meeting invites give you all the tools for effective and productive meeting management

Technical Overview

  • Experience plug-in free cost effective WebRTC mesh calls with automatic call escalation to a bridge when a non-WebRTC endpoint joins the meeting
  • Multi-stream HTML5 content sharing saves network bandwidth while allowing multiple documents to be viewed simultaneously including whiteboard, blackboard, and annotation – with desktop and application sharing providing additional flexibility
  • Hold meetings and interoperate with a wide range of Polycom SIP/H.323 solutions and other 3rd party endpoints
  • A software solution that runs on industry standard servers on-premise or in cloud datacenters and in conjunction with the RealPresence Platform


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