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Polycom SoundPoint IP Phones

Polycom’s high-fidelity audio sounds like you are in the same room ― whether you are using a handset, handsfree speakerphone or plug in a headset. From the boardroom, to the desktop, or anywhere in-between.

Models to Fit Any Space or Budget

  • SoundPoint IP 650 Desktop Phone:is a six-line SIP desktop phone with color display that brings lifelike richness and voice quality to phone calls.
  • SoundPoint IP 560 Desktop Phone:is a SIP desktop phone with crystal-clear voice quality and advanced features that support business work-flows.
  • SoundPoint IP 550 Desktop Phone:with GigE and Polycom HD Voice capabilities, is designed to make voice communications effective and productive.
  • SoundPoint IP 450 Desktop Phone:is a four-line SIP desktop phone with crystal-clear voice quality. It also offers a comprehensive range of advanced features and applications that support business workflows
  • SoundPoint IP 335 Desktop Phone:  is a simple, reliable IP deskphone that offers Polycom HD Voice quality and enterprise-grade features.
  • SoundPoint IP 321 and 331 Desktop Phones:are two-line enterprise-grade IP deskphones with excellent sound quality. They are easy to use and are designed for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

Product Features

  • Two to six-line deskphones with excellent sound quality
  • A set of enterprise-grade features
  • Easy configuration and use
  • Interoperability with leading IP PBX and Softswitch platforms
  • SIP features

User Benefits

  • Reliable, high-definition voice-only solutions.
  • Broad interoperability with leading hosted and premises-based IP PBXs.
  • Simple interfaces that are easy to learn and use.
  • Quick to deploy, operate and maintain with the industry's most robust SIP software.
  • A wide range of solutions from fully-featured multi-line devices to basic units.


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