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Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager

A key component of the Polycom RealPresence Platform, available as a hardened appliance or software optimized for virtualized environments, the RealPresence Resource Manager application is critical to effectively managing thousands of mobile, desktop, and group telepresence systems.


  • Scalability to 50,000 devices, helping you effectively manage mobile, desktop and group telepresence systems
  • Easy administration through comprehensive device monitoring, provisioning, management and software revision control
  • Directories and presence engines that simplify dialing
  • An API suite, for direct integrations into your key applications and systems
  • Multi-tenant support for cloud-based hosting
  • Scheduling options via Web GUI or APIs, resulting in a holistic application

Technical Overview

  • Cloud / Service Provider Multi-tenant – Host numerous customers or departments on a single platform, for operational efficiency and lower TCO
  • Simplified administration and provisioning – Dynamically provision mobile, personal, and group systems with feature sets, call quality, bandwidth rights and software updates – minimizing administration work and user setup
  • Centralized device management – Single application to monitor and manage all endpoints in the network, immediate real time views of the status and health of the video network
  • Conference scheduling and management application – Use either the web scheduler or API to schedule and launch video calls. Central application to manage ongoing conferences, point to point or multi-party
  • API Suite – Combine with RealPresence  DMA APIs for a complete video conferencing management API solution

Added Benefits

  • Simplify the customer experience using dynamic provisioning directories and contact list dialing with presence information
  • Integrate video collaboration into your environment with the API suite and custom applications
  • Realize quicker ROI with multi-tenant capabilities that securely and discretely serve multiple customers from single application instance
  • Run an always available video service using the RealPresence Platform architecture of clustered hot-standby servers and separated functions of call control, device management and bridging resources
  • Prepare for the BYOD policy as the application scales from 100 to 50,000 video devices using dynamic provisioning and configuration


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