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Polycom RealConnect for Skype for business

Polycom Realconnect for Skype for Business combines the flexibility of Microsoft's UC products and the power of Polycom's audio, video and content solutions. Maintain your native video experience.
Polycom RealConnect for Skype for Business.


Polycom RealConnect for Skype for Business is an ideal solution to bring together your Skype for Business and existing videoconferencing environments seamlessly. The RealConnect solution simplifies the scheduling workflow as it leverages native Microsoft Outlook calendaring and enables intuitive One Touch Dialing experience for both Skype for Business users and videoconference system users. The RealConnect solution also provides native multipoint video and content sharing experience to preserve familiar user experience, which helps accelerate user adoption.

Product Features

  • Single scheduling and dialing workflow that leverages Microsoft Outlook
  • Single Click-to-join for both Skype for Business clients and Polycom video endpoints
  • Enables Cisco endpoints for calendaring and click-to-join experience
  • Bi-directional content, including Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sent to Skype for Business users for native content experience
  • Conferences hosted on both Skype for Business Server AVMCU and Polycom RealPresence Clariti collaboration infrastructure for resource optimization

Technical Overview

  • Native Outlook calendaring integration (no Polycom plugins)
  • Calendar Proxy allowing Cisco and Polycom endpoints to connect to Polycom MCU with a single click-to-dial
  • Native multipoint video experience for Skype for Business clients (Gallery View) and video endpoints (Continuous Presence video layouts)
  • Bi-directional content sharing (desktop, program share) across Skype for Business/Lync clients and video endpoints, shown as high quality content stream
  • On-premises deployment where Polycom RealPresence Platform and Skype for Business/Lync 2013
  • Server reside in the same network Service Provider topology where Polycom RealPresence Platform and Skype for Business/Lync 2013 Server that host the AVMCU conferencing are on separate networks


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