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Polycom Immersive Solutions

Every important business discussion should be face to face. Polycom's  immersive telepresence solutions combine the highest quality voice, video and content sharing to deliver a truly lifelike experience, so teams can collaborate, make decisions and drive impact.


  • RealPresence Immersive Studio provides an environment where every detail is perfected to create a visual, audio, and collaboration experience that is so real, you forget about the technology and focus only on the objective and content of your meeting.
  • Open Telepresence Experience (OTX) delivers the productivity benefits of immersive telepresence to nearly any type of meeting with vibrant video, audio and content collaboration.

Product Features

RealPresence Immersive Studio
  • Any Lync-enabled desktop or room can join video calls and can share content with Lync via the optional Content Sharing Suite
  • Easily connect to other immersive rooms or any Polycom room video system, desktop or mobile application
  • As easy to manage as any other video device using the Polycom RealPresence Platform, which provides enterprise infrastructure for deploying and managing video and voice assets across your organization
  • Enjoy next-generation technology, including 84" Ultra HD displays, minimizing the cost of future upgrades and enabling users to easily deploy new features and capabilities as they become available
  • H.264 High Profile reduces bandwidth by up to 50% compared with competitor's immersive systems
  • Modular design is built for upgradeability. As future technology emerges, upgrade just those pieces, not the entire room.
Open Telepresence Experience (OTX)
  • Vibrant HD quality for up to 50% less bandwidth with H.264 High Profile support
  • HD video up to 1080p, Polycom HD Voice technology, and HD content sharing
  • Quality protected by Polycom Lost Packet Recovery QoS technology that helps ensure great quality even amid network issues
  • One or three 65” (165-cm) LCD displays, showing up to six participants in full size (two per display)
  • 21” (53-cm) content displays built into the table on automated lifts, staying hidden and out of view when not needed and automatically rising from the table when content is shared
  • StereoSurround audio in 22 kHz for superior clarity, with stereo separation ensures you can hear everyone distinctly, even when multiple parties speak at the same time
  • Polycom Touch Control for easy and intuitive access to dialing, volume, mute, and other controls
  • Cisco TelePresence® (CTS) systems connectivity, through support for Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)
  • Native interoperability with UC environments such as Microsoft® Lync®, Avaya, BroadSoft, and Siemens
  • Optional Complete Experience Kit, which includes specialized lighting and rear wall to enhance video quality, giving every room the same consistent design, and minimizing room modifications
  • AES software encryption for the voice, video and data streams of the call, keeping critical meetings confidential and secure

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