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Polycom RealPresence EduCart 500

The Polycom RealPresence EduCart 500 delivers rich video content while offering the flexibility to easily move from location to location. Eliminate the dedicated video unit for each room with the affordable design that will increase productivity and accelerate decision making.


  • Highly mobile and stable cart allow for flexibility to move from room to roomsplays
  • All-in-one solution eliminates the need for dedicated video unit in each classroom
  • Plug-and-play simplicity – roll it into the room, plug it in and start the class
  • High-definition video conferencing up to 1080p resolution for life-like experience

Technical Overview

  • Lightweight design at under 75 lbs
  • Small footprint, 28" diameter polished aluminum star base with 5 x 4" swivel casters (2 locking)
  • The RealPresence Utility Cart 500 is based off the Group Series 500 codec. Please review video specifications here. Features specific to the EduCart 500: Designed with the classroom in mind with various monitor heights that can be set during assembly
  • Sturdy chrome side handles allow cart to be safely and easily moved and maneuvered
  • Integrated Storage drawer with location for customer supplied padlock
  • Durable, stain resistant work surface which resists bacteria, mold and moisture
  • Laptop/accessory shelf, can be located on left or right side and stores in drawer
  • Large single 27" or dual 22" (21.5" viewable) 1080p full HD LED backlight LCD
  • Dual display system maximizes people and content/PC for best viewable screen sizes.
  • Vesa mounting points for a customer supplied wireless access point located on the rear of monitor column
  • Multipurpose microphone can be used on work surface or other location for larger audiences 

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