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Polycom RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA)

The Polycom RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA) is a unique network-based virtualization application for managing & distributing calls across collaboration networks. 


  • Highest degrees of scale, redundancy, and resiliency of any video infrastructure portfolio in the industry for maximum efficiency and optimal user adoption
  • Integration with existing corporate database, directory, and security structures and UC-applications such as Microsoft OCS/Lync, for smooth transition of video into IT-environments without duplication of processes or system elements
  • Complete solutions for video-enabling all or select parts of your organization, including management applications, video conferencing platforms, recording and streaming servers, video content management, secure remote access, and a full suite of partner solutions

Product Features

  • Unmatched Scale – Supports 75,000 device registrations and 25,000 concurrent calls, and provides load balancing and MCU resource management to up to 64 bridges for the most demanding environments.
  • Highest Resiliency – Redundant application servers and databases, and geographically distributed super clusters, eliminate single points of failure and provides high availability. Simplified Administration – User accounts and personal meeting rooms are automatically provisioned centrally, with little or no administrative effort.
  • Increased Resource Utilization – Advanced routing algorithms maximize resource utilization and dynamically distribute calls based on prioritizing, bandwidth and class of service. API Suite – Increase end user productivity and lower administration cost via API SDK for conference monitoring, provisioning users and VMRs, resource reporting and billing. Custom applications integrate the video conferencing network into company wide applications, processes and systems. 


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