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Polycom Collaboration Server

Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server enables users to enjoy enterprise-grade voice, video and content collaboration in any location and on any device.


  • Connect employees, partners and fragmented communication systems, without expensive gateways, through the industry's broadest support for existing and emerging standards, protocols and natively integrated applications
  • Reduce operating expenses and increase call capacity, through unprecedented delivery efficiencies that use up to 50% less bandwidth
  • Expect enterprise-grade collaboration, with 100% auto-failover, extreme scalability, security and interoperability, through the flexible, integrated RealPresence Platform 

Technical Overview

  • Removes the cost and complexity of alternative options, by delivering a hybrid solution that supports AVC and new media routing technology, allowing organizations to conduct wide scale multipoint video calling
  • Enables higher quality experiences with NoiseBlock that eliminates unwanted background noise
  • Flexible options to meet specific business needs through a wide variety of delivery options, including on-premises, hosted, hybrid or cloud delivered

Collboration Server Enhancements

Available as a stand-alone solution or included with Polycom's total collaboration solution, RealPresence One, including:
  • RealPresence Collaboration Server Virtual Edition, a software only platform for virtualized/cloud environments
  • RealPresence Collaboration Server Hardware solutions with a range of resource options for any size – from small and high growth organizations to the largest companies in the world
  • For redundant databases, and geographically distributed super clusters, eliminate single points of failure and provide high availabilitywith the combination of the RealPresence Distributed Media Application (DMA). 


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