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Neat - Large Rooms

Planned meetings with discussions and presentations with larger groups of people, both in person and remote, are all-inclusive round-table dialogue with Neat Bar Pro. 

Productivity and Efficency in Large Groups

Zoom and Microsoft Teams enabled devices maximize the creativity and productivity of 
distributed teams with a focus on well-being and social interaction.  

Product Features

Neat.Bar Pro

Ideal for large meeting spaces with up to 30 people, this powerful device can drive up to three large screens. 


Neat Pad is a touch screen controller for meeting rooms that doubles as a room availability display. 



Here's what's neat

  • Display multiple content sources across three screens  
  • Deploy a device with three screens to see the remote speaker, audience, and presentation, each in full screen. 
  • Start meetings with one-click or voice command 
  • Show everyone in the room with wide-angle tele lensed camera and multiple mic array  
  • Capture each person with auto framing that adjusts to group size and seating arrangement 
  • See everyone equally close up with Neat Symmetry 
  • Avoid framing anyone outside of your meeting with Neat Boundary 
  • Scheduling displays at every entrance show room and booking status  
  • See remote participants and the presentation screen clearly regardless of where you sit while rich audio fills the entire room 
  • Connect existing ceiling mics and speaker systems with audio extensibility  
  • Share your screen wirelessly or with an HDMI cable 
  • Empower additional people to start a meeting, tap mute and more by connecting extra Neat Pad controllers throughout large rooms  
  • Monitor air quality with Neat Sense 



  • Coming soon!


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