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Neat - Meeting

A hybrid meeting room provides versatile in-person or remote interactions, including document sharing and open discussions.  

Efficiency and Productivity in Meetings

Neat designs foster organic conversations and freedom of movement while adding cinematic quality to meetings, positively impacting your team’s, motivation, productivity and well-being. 

Product Features


A 65-inch multi-touch screen, powerful audio and versatile, AI-powered camera are bundled in this all-in-one meeting device. Video collaboration is at its best with wireless content sharing, annotations and whiteboarding 


For meeting, huddle and focus rooms with up to 10 people, A simple, elegant, compactly designed meeting room device with superior audio and video. 



Here's what's neat

  • Start meetings with one-click or voice command   
  • Neat Boundary avoids framing anyone outside of your meeting with a wide-angle camera that captures everyone in the room 
  • Pickup audio across the room with multiple mic array, meaning no table mics needed 
  • Monitor air quality with Neat Sense 
  • Pair Neat devices with WiFi, meaning no cables across the room 
  • Share your screen wirelessly or with an HDMI cable  
  • Auto framing that adjusts to group size and seating, perfectly presenting each person 
  • Scheduling display shows room status with booking and people count  
  • See everyone equally close-up on the screen with Neat Symmetry 
  • Use in any room design with flexible mounting options  


  • Coming soon!


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