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Neat - At Home

Most people's homes aren't designed for work, with few having multiple outlets for cabled internet. Your home office might be your bedroom, kitchen or living room.

Productivity and Efficiency at Home

Your home office might be your bedroom, kitchen or living room, so fewer cables and economical use of space is paramount.

The environment might be noisy, the background messy, and the lighting conditions poor. Ideally, you'll want to have home meetings on a device that provides crystal clear audio and video and has a range of other cutting-edge capabilities that allow for maximum efficiency, privacy and seamless compatibility with your laptop.

Product Features


Neat Frame is an all-in-one compact and convenient meeting device that fits anywhere, home, office, hotdesking, virtual receptionist and privacy booths.  

The unique portrait-oriented video device enables you to free up your computer for other tasks.


Neat Pad is a touch screen controller for meeting rooms that doubles as a room availability display. 



Here's what's neat


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