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LifeSize Icon Series

The LifeSize Icon Series are easy to use video conferencing systems that enable users to instantly connect over video within minutes. As simple to use as a smartphone with the power of enterprise-grade video.

Models to Fit Any Space or Budget

  • Icon 400 is designed to bring the power of video conferencing to small meeting spaces, huddle rooms and smaller groups.
  • Icon 600 is ideal for large meeting spaces because it supports multiple displays, cameras and microphone inputs.
  • Icon 800 is ideal for developing meeting spaces and enables users to connect multiple devices while delivering an immersive high definition video experience.

Product Features

Icon 400 Includes:

  • System with embedded PTZ camera
  • Lifesize Digital MicPod
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Power supply and cable
  • Support for single display

Icon 600 Includes

  • Lifesize Icon 600 video system
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Digital MicPod
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Power supply/cables

Icon 800 Includes:

  • Lifesize Icon 800 video system, with rack mounts attached
  • Lifesize Camera 10x
  • Lifesize Phone
  • Lifesize Link Adapter
  • Lifesize Remote Control
  • Cables





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